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    "The Lord will guide you continually, and satisfy your soul in drought, and strengthen your bones; you shall be like a watered garden, and like a spring of water, whose waters do not fail."

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Tuesday, June 27, 2006



hehehe I bet you could get by with it. If you want to try something hot, maybe you would like just boiled water with lemon? I do that sometimes when I am not in the mood for tea and shouldn't drink any more coffee.

I loved those tea cozies when I saw them, too. How great that she sent you one! I want to make one and I don't have a teapot either. lol

This was a very fun post. Thanks!


LOL!!!! Well the next time I have a Tea Party I'll be sure to have one tea pot filled with ICED Diet Pepsi!!!! I guess its just not your "cup of tea" :O) LOL!!!! I'm sure the Girotti Tea Party would be a most pleasant Tea occasion and very VERY enjoyable. Go for it Deb!


Do you think if I gave a tea party anyone would notice if I slipped Diet Coke into my tea cup?

LOL Deb!!

I can so relate....the way I drink coffee you have to ask me if I want a little bit of coffee in my cream and sugar. I only drink decaf and only in the winter!

I'm trying to learn to drink hot teas. I like the fruity herbal ones.


I was never much into coffee or tea till we started deputation and then arrived in Canada. I only like strong, rich-flavored coffees, because my first coffee-drinking experiences invovled Starbucks. And my tea tastes are still developing. Once I convinced myself to actually pour a little milk in my tea, I found it quite enjoyable. But my drink of preference would be a soda or iced tea!


Tea is so versatile! From a builders battered mug to a lovely china cup. But if the look is what you are after, who cares what is in your long as you don't absentmindedly say 'yes' when asked if you want a refill..................coke tea....yum!

Mrs Blythe

Hmmm I love Coca-Cola too on a hot day. But I looove coffee and hate tea. I would have loved to join in the Carnival of Beauty about this topic as I could rave about coffee for England (as an olympic sport, and I would win gold). I too love the idea of high tea and afternoon tea and all the lovely old fashionedness that goes with it but I just can't get past the fact that I dislike tea! Ah well, back to the aroma of fresh coffee! Blessings.


Do you like herbal tea? I usually drink that.

Tammy S.

LOL That's too funny...coke in a tea cup! :)

amanda p. wu

I think a "tea party" with Diet Coke is great idea!! I say go for it. They are so fun--just because you don't care for tea shouldn't be a reason to stop the fun. :)

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