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Thursday, July 06, 2006


Mrs Blythe

Hi Deb - what is a DQ Blizzard? :o)


That sounds like a fun list. We like to swim together and do weekend get-aways where we can act like tourists even though we've been there a dozen times.


Go get a DQ blizzard -we print coupons all of the time from the Blizzard fan so we can buy one and get another free.

One thing we like to do as a family -only once a year though,is watch movies and eat pizza on New Years Eve.

We like to eat Chinese at Taste of China.


Hi Mrs.Blythe ~ England probably doesn't have Dairy Queen restaurants. But a DQ Blizzard is ice cream in a cup--so thick that you can turn the cup upside down and it doesn't spill out. Go here:

and you can see a picture of one. You can add all sorts of candies to it. My favorite is Brownie Batter...and I think a medium equals a whopping 17 points (on the Weight Watcher scale)!

This link tells you lots of interesting facts about blizzard history:

Hi Tammy and Carol ~ thanks for sharing what your families do to have fun together. Thanks for the link Tammy. Only 1/2 our family enjoys Chinese so it's a rarity to get it.


Since it's just Mr. Wonderful and myself....we love to eat out.

We also enjoy getting some food and driving to the river and eat while watching the water.

We love Blizzards too.....thanks for the tip Tammy! (o:


Go to Sherando Lake.


CAMPING!!!!!!! :0) at Sherando lake in late Oct. (But I know one Girotti who isn't going to sleep in a tent! :)) Skiing in mid winter, Sandbridge Beach in Sept when all the tourist have gone back home and we are the only ones there except a few Grandparents! :) and anything almost that gets us outdoors.. watching fireworks, hikes, picnics, bike rides. We especially like having "parties" at our home and having lots of people come for food, fun and loads of laughter!


I love playing games with the grandkids like we did with our kids. Have you ever played Boggle, the Word game? My two grandsons love it.


Hey ditto for the DQ Blizzards!!

Scattergories is a fav here too and we also like to play Settlers and Auction.

We LOVE to have campfires and sing.

And have Sunday brunch after church - we usually invite another family or two.

Mrs Blythe

Thanks Deb, I'll check those out, sounds delicious!

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