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Monday, January 14, 2008


Connie W

Oh that quilt is simply gorgeous!!! Love it!


That is absolutely stunning and the story behind it was good, too. :-D


Oh how SWEET!!!! I love special family surprises, what a fun story...especially about carting the machine to your room! :) The quilt is just you take orders?! :) I'd settle for the patterns! Nice job Hannah! Can't wait to see it in person. OH!... glad you are better, although I heard you all came down with the sniffles again! :(

Nicholas Z. Cardot

That is really nice. I love anything patriotic!


Wow Hannah!! That was amazing and the quilt looks beautiful!! Next time we all visit please bring it so I can see it up close! Hope to see you all soon!



What a sweet surprise!!!! Deb, I know that quilt means the world to you, and Hannah . . . what a blessing you are to work so hard on a surprise like that coming out of pneumonia! Great family surprise for Mom!


What a neat surprise!Beautiful quilt.


Oh my! This is amazing! I posted a picture of the one I made my mom, but truly, yours puts mine to shame (I did squares...and I say that flatly because that is all I know how to do!) I LOVE yours! It is beautiful.

Wagner Family

What love I see in that quilt! Your Mom is a blessed Momma to have a daughter like you!
It is truly gorgeous!


It is just beautiful! What a labor of love!


what a wonderful surprise and the quilt is just beautiful!


Wow, that is so beautiful, Hannah! I can't wait to see it "for real"! The story behind the quilt- with your sickness, and rushing to finish in time, and your sweet sister being there to help you along each step of the way will always be a special memory for you!!!


What a beautiful quilt and story. You did a wonderful job, Hannah. I can just imagine your children cuddled up in this quilt and hearing the story about the day Grandma got a surprise! What an heirloom. Thanks for sharing. (Be sure to sign and date your quilt!)


Such a lovely quilt - and sewn with such love!



Susan Ramey Cleveland

Wow Hannah! What a gorgeous quilt. You did a great job. You're a wonderful daughter.

Aunt Rhonda

Hannah! What a girl! I had to shed a tear when I read your story. Your mother has a real treasure--the quilt and the daughter who made it! :)


Thank you all, for your compliments on the quilt--I'm still not believing that it's actually finished. :) But my prayers were answered. And Mom deserved a surprise!

She will, I'm sure, want to bring it when we see some of you in person; just overlook my rushed and jagged stitching. I discovered that a walking foot does not work for curved quilting! I needed to use my free motion foot.

Mrs.O, well, the patterns are in my head, but I'd be happy to draw them out for you!:)

Kathi, thank you for the reminder to sign and date the quilt--I have not done that yet!


Wow! That is amazing, Hannah. It is a blessing to hear of how you took so much trouble to give your Mum a lovely gift.

Belated happy birthday to you as well!

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