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Thursday, April 23, 2009


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This is very cute! love it.


Beautiful quilt, I love the quilting!


Oh just beautiful. Love the design.


Your quilt looks great with number 50 on it. It is such nice and syple quilt. Thanks for sharing. I am in on the bloggers quilt festival too. My number is 430 if you care to visit - notjustnat


With the warm and sunny weather I just figured you were all fixing up the Girotti garden/yard.

Quilts are goregous.


What a cute quilt! I love it!

Susan Ramey Cleveland

I still Love it, Deb.

The quilt rat

Love it! Great quilt, well done!


By the way, thanks for the music. We have to same tast of music. I listen to it while I am working with earphones on. Thanks for visiting my blog - Natima


Beautiful, beautiful quilt.

Amy @ parkcitygirl

So beautiful! Thanks for sharing :)


I sure LOVE my birthday quilt, Deb! Thanks again! Love ya! :)


I love this quilt. I made this one months ago, but it didn't turn out like yours. Looks great! Thanks for sharing.


Beautiful quilts for your friends birthdays- they will be treasured and loved- your friends appreciation and joy radiate from their faces.
Thanks for sharing your lovely quilts and stories.

Rocky Delafontaine

Whoa! There are literally hundreds of quilt designs here for my eyes to feast upon, and each has unique, colorful, different shapes and sizes that are worthy of admiration! I haven't gotten the chance to see all of them, but they sure have the elements of a true quilter. They've got passion and patience to create one, thus resulting to beautiful and warm sewn fabrics.

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