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Friday, February 17, 2012


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Stephanie in Mi

Happy Proposal Anniversary! That's great. Have fun sewing. Those look like fun projects. I haven't accomplished much lately.... Hope you get snowed in so you can sew more! :-) First snow??? For real???!!!

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Love the postage stamp quilt Someday I'm going to make one. It's neat that you and Tom remember your proposal anniversary. Vann and I did too--it was on Valentine's Day. Happy snow day.

Barbara Anne

Happy Proposal Anniversary! Sweet!

Love your Postage Stamp quilt and the planned Saturday Sampler block!

When I quilted the Valentine pink/red little quilt last week, I just went corner to corner, edge to edge using the block intersections as my guides - no tape needed. Mine isn't perfect, but it's okay by me! Your Postage Stamp quilt would be perfect for striking out on the diagonal without tape.

Sadly, we're due to have a high temperature of 43*F on Sunday so any snow we get will be gone too quickly. What is up with this crazy weather? I want so winter but the many plants that are budding or blooming would be hurt. Sigh!



I love the colors in Sarah's quilt. I can't wait to see your block. We are supposed to get 1-2 inches of snow Sunday afternoon into Monday morning. I don't think the weather people really know how much we will get because the totals keep changing!



Have fun sewing!

32 years!I can remember when it was the big 3 of Diane And Harry,Nancy and Mike ,then Tom and Deb.My has time flown.

We might have snow flurries.

Julie Sacra

I'm calling today to change my class time! Yeah! I'll look forward to seeing you there, if not before!

Amy, a redeemed sheep

I LOVE the postage stamp quilt. It's so impressive! One more added to my list. My list is getting L.O.N.G!


Beautiful postage stamp quilt!

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