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Thursday, November 21, 2013



It seems like such a short time ago that you brought her home. I remember so well noticing the heart shaped marking on her side, and then picking her up, and having her lick my face like crazy. Happy Birthday Pepper! Give her a carrot for me. Love, Aunt Toots

Dorothy Horton

Sweet Pepper! I remember with your Mom told me that you were getting her. She is a cutie pie! Dogs give such unconditional love and acceptance. Happy 15th Birthday, Pepper! :-)

Brenda Nuland

So glad Pepper is still here!

Our sister kitties lived to be 14 and 16 (it is no surprise that our high strung kitty passed first in my opinion).

Isn't it hard when they are getting older and you know they won't be with you much longer? I read an article by James Herriot who owned many dogs and cats through the years and he said that was the hardest part of being an animal lover.


Happy Birthday to Pepper. I hope she will have a happy day with her family.


Elizabeth Johnson

Happy Birthday puppy!


Pepper is looking good! Happy Birthday!

Tammy C

Happy belated birthday Pepper!!

We have had our cat Snip for 10 years in 3 states.


Happy Birthday, Pepper! from Granny and Aunt Bet. See you in a few weeks!

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