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Friday, November 15, 2013



What a quaint place to shop! I love old houses and I really love it when they are turned into places to browse and buy gifts. :)

Dorothy Horton

Wow! I would have gone with you to all of them! Sounds like so much fun! Just love the pictures! :-)


You go to the neatest places! I've seen this place advertised in the County Register (the free paper that you can get at all of the craft/antique shops). I'll have to put this one on my list of places to visit. I thought about Granny last week. We went to Culpeper to the Minute Man Mini Mall and they had lots of potato mashers. Then we went to the Country Shoppes of Culpeper and then to my favorite place, Yoders. We had a great time. Blessings to all of you!


Sounds like a really fun day!! I bet there were ALL kinds of treasures that you would have loved to find a good home for! :) That cabinet is really cute...I would have loved to bring it home as well, but I think Fred would have had the same thoughts...NO ROOM! My grandmother had an old Hoosier cabinet that I always remember in her kitchen. She really did use it for flour and baking. Sadly it burned up with the house fire she had. :(

Lisa Spivey

How fun! What a nice way to start the Christmas season. You always find the neatest shops!


Ooh my, what fun you had! I love Hoosiers and I would be wanting that cabinet as well (and not having room for it either). I haven't cross-stitched in a while. I enjoy it. Keeping the stuff for when I retire - ha! I spent my weekend getting blog posts done ahead so that I can have fun when the kids come for Christmas :) You have sparked my 'appetite' for holiday open houses though. Oh, and the frog jam is interesting. It does sound good. Thanks for the excursion!

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