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Thursday, December 05, 2013


Aunt Bet

Happy Birthday, Sarah! I love this picture of you three!! Enjoy your birthday meal--at least you're getting some "snow"!


Happy birthday, Sarah! I hope your day is wonderful and your year to come full of God's blessings!


What a wonderful family! Happy Birthday to Sarah!
I signed up for Bingo... win or lose it sounds like fun. :)

Happy birthday Sarah....Hugs from Ashleigh and Shirley Cox


Where you are, your b'day is almost over. Where I am (in CA), you still have time to celebrate.

Here's to a new year full of God's grace and it is every year, since both are boundless and unlimited.

Happy b'day!


Happy birthday Sarah! Yes you and Mum celebrate again with your 60 year apart birthday. :)


Happy Birthday Sarah...a day late :( I was gone all day yesterday and never got to the computer. Anyway, I hope your meal was snowingly delicious! :) Sorry you didn't have any REAL snow but maybe this weekend you will get some; looking at the weather predictions for Sunday and a few days next week it looks like there may be some coming your way. :) The picture of you three is so good, I love your happy smiles!! Big birthday hug coming your way!!


Happy birthday, dear Sarah! I hope it was delightful. Sorry you didn't get any snow, but sounds like maybe it will come this weekend.

Tammy C

Happy Birthday!!looks like as always you had a nice family day.


A happy birthday to Sarah! Looks like she had a wonderful day.


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