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Wednesday, January 08, 2014



Happy New Year, Girotti family!!! It's so good to see Granny and hear all about your Christmas! And Ottawa is the wrong part of Canada to visit - you need to go to British Columbia, where it's a little warmer with less snow. Specifically Kelowna! ;) I'm looking forward to reading about your trip north.


Happy New Year Girottis! Granny you always look lovely but you look especially beautiful in that red. Sarah, you and Hannah look so much alike in the flute photo!

The last photo is what I imagine it looked like in Little House on the Prairie.

Tammy C

I came by to say Happy Birthday Hannah!

Picture from Canada looks so cold.


Happy New Year, Deb and all!!
Nice post!


Glad you all had a wonderful Christmas and Granny and your sister got to enjoy it with you. Granny looks beautiful as always.
I would have to loved to hear all that sweet music Jonathan and the girls played for you. Hope you have a blessed 2014! You need to head south for a visit. We're much warmer than Canada. :)


Brenda Perdue

It was so good to see all the pictures and of couse MY Mill. She looks so beautiful. Glad you all were together for Christmas. God is so good.


Good to see Granny is doing well.
Looks like you had a lovely, family filled holiday. And Jonathan is very lucky, that's a beautiful basket.

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