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Wednesday, January 15, 2014



And we loved having you, though could hardly believe you'd take us up on our offer in January! What good sports you all are!! Come again in June, it's MUCH warmer and prettier then. :-)



What a great report of your visit. I cannot believe that snow!


Hi Deb! I enjoyed reading this post on your visit to Canada. What a nice time you all had. The snow is really beautiful, and the skating area is so nice. I love old-fashioned skating photos and paintings. Love Scrabble, too. :) So glad you had a great visit. Have a great day!


Love it. It makes me cold looking @ the pix, though. Brrr. Of course, we've had a cold snap in NorCal...anything under 40 requires us to blast the heat, and stay under the blankets. It's all relative, I suppose.

As always, I enjoy your blog posts. Keep 'em coming.


It looks like you had a wonderful time together!


Loved all the snow pictures. We don't see much of that here in the deep south. Their white farmhouse in all the snow is so pretty.
What a fun trip. Glad you made it back home and didn't freeze!


Kathryn Duke

what a great visit with a large group! always enjoy your pics of your travels...

their farm house is a dream house....many blessings!!

Kelsey Hammond

So glad to hear that you had a lovely visit with the Yuck family! They are such wonderful hosts! And I hear that they made your favorite foods while you were there, leaving out such things as cabbage and pork! LOL! Just kidding!

Beautiful pictures of a memorable trip!

The Hammond Clan


Oh yes, Kelsey, we knew just what to avoid feeding our dear guests, thanks to your VERY HELPFUL advice! What would we have done without you?!



Looks like a great trip. Beautiful home too.

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