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    "The Lord will guide you continually, and satisfy your soul in drought, and strengthen your bones; you shall be like a watered garden, and like a spring of water, whose waters do not fail."

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014



How interesting that you prune your rose bushes in spring Deb! Here we prune in either July or August (before mid-August) for the heavy annual prune, then we lightly trim once or twice during the other seasons.


Oh Deb, you do have a bit of work ahead of you with all the mulch. I haven't even touched my knockouts yet. It's all I can do so far to clear the dead nettle out of the beds and keep the veggies happy in their raised beds. I watched the video, and I think I'll give my roses the big cutback as they're so scraggly looking. Have a great week!

Dorothy Horton

I would LOVE to come spread mulch with you & visited as we worked! So thankful that spring has sprung! Enjoy the time outside, enjoying this lovely world that our loving God created. :-)


Wow, that's a lot of mulch!

I have yet to prune my rose bushes. I only have two and I'm not sure that one of them made it through the winter. I probably should have protected it, especially considering how harsh of a winter we had.

Carolyn Van Valkenburg

Dear Deb,

A friend of mine was pruning hers in early April, she said that, that was when the sap starts to come up from the roots. I right away pruned my Knock Out Roses then. They are looking lovely now - no blooms yet but the foliage looks great!.

My dear husband is so very thrifty and looks for free mulch. We were in the truck last evening to go get our free mulch but our old Toyota pick-up just would not start even with the battery charged for a very long time. (God is in charge! smile!) So now I guess we will load up our trunk with a huge tarp and fill it with the free mulch but this will take a few trips. What is good is that the free mulch is not far away.

I did give a good go around our yard with "Round-up". I know some don't agree about such stuff and I try to be very careful.

In our family I am the one who does most of the gardening also, even in the vegetable garden. Steve does help me hoe up the big vegetable garden every Spring and helps me pick the produce.

Yesterday he also helped me repair our natural stone walk way to the garden. I try to keep on top of this but the grass had grown over about half of the stepping stones. We do enjoy working together. I forgot to mention that since my husband is so thrifty he has always (in the 39 years we have been married) used an electric mower. Since our present yard is so very large he has mowed it almost 100% of the time. Electric mowers are very, very light weight.

Since you are pruning yours now I think I might trim one branch on one of my Knock Out Rose bushes, which I think is too long. Since we have already lots of foliage, is it alright for me to prune a branch that is too long?

Another thing I did which has kept the deer away is that I have tied my hair (which I have collected from my hair brush) to a rose bush branch. The deer have not touched any of our rose bushes. What do you use to keep deer away? Do have lots of deer?

This such beautiful weather to work outside isn't it!!

Love you!



You have an official mulch drop off point? I'm chuckling here not because you have one, but what having one means. I bow down to you and your garden :)
Now that Spring has arrived in your neck of the woods I'm looking forward to seeing what gifts your garden brings you this year

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