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Sunday, February 20, 2005



Well Jonathan, it sounds like you did a GREAT job, and are ready for a few more opportunities to play! :) If you do figure out how to put a recording of your music on the blog, I would love to hear it! Too bad about the cold dinner...:)


There's a way, Jonnie.. I'm not sure exactly how, but I know you'll figure it out. If it were me, I'd just put a file that people can play if they want to hear it..... I'm not too keen on the sites where music plays constantly when you go to the site. Most of the time they choose the most annoying music :) Of course, we know that yours is wonderful and soothing and totally non-annoying. But still. I'd make it a click on this to hear the music sort of file. Just my two cents' worth.


I get self-conscious too (mostly on the organ) when I play. The organ at our church used to make a very annoying static sound whenever you would turn it on so I would either turn it on before church or wait and turn it on when the choir would start singing so that no one would hear it. Sometimes the noise would stop soon after but other times it would keep sizzling and get even louder. It was so embarrassing! Several times I would have to turn it off while the choir was still up there and just sit there until the choir went down. Thankfully it doesn't do that anymore! :)

Aunt Rhonda

I would love to have heard your concert. I vote for getting that music on the blog! :)


Wow, it looks like there's an overwhelming clamor for Eine Kleine Blog Music! :) My hands are getting sweaty again... :)

I'll try to upload a small file in the near future!


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