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Saturday, September 10, 2005



I got my hair cut in the morning.Chris helped teach a Cub Scout class.Gregory rode his bike off and on during the day.Allison was the cleaning person today-she worked on her room.At night we watched the Ohio State-Texas football game.It was sad-OSU lost by 3 points.


Umm, let me try to remember what we did yesterday...My sisters and I cleaned our room ( it needed it REALLY bad. There were clothes everywhere!! )and we had a pastor and someone from his church to come and visit us ( we didn't know they were coming and I still had a towel on my head, Yikes!! :) ). We had a really nice visit from them and enjoyed the fellowship. Umm,... some of the kids played outside. One of the things that they played with was with 2 big wardrobe boxes from our move. 2 of the kids had them over their heads and were chasing the others through the yard ( really good impression on our neighbors I'm sure :) ). That evening we fixed supper, ironed clothes for church and Stephen worked on a web site. That was basically our day.


Yes, I did something today that made me "dead-tired"! I mowed grass for almost 4 hours. Our mower broke down just 7 days before the 2 year warranty expired...praise the Lord that the base exchange gave us a full refund because the Murray company is bankrupt. So, we went 5 weeks (because of Jay's surgery) without a mower. Today I bought a new one at the base (different brand), put it together, got it running, then mowed and mowed and mowed! The backyard was a foot deep, so I had to cut slowly and on the highest setting of the mower wheels. Jay and his father (who is spending two weeks with us while Mrs. Horton is in France visiting their youngest) helped me by picking up sticks and bringing me water. Once Jay is recovered, he can return to mowing. I slept soundly, needless to say! Hope you have a great week! Dorothy


I know I'm a couple days late on this one, but I was too tired to read blogs on Saturday night! Jess was out of town (Germany) and Emma was at a youth activity all day, so I cleaned out two closets, cleaned the house (bathrooms, dusting, floors--including mopping!) and I planted new flowers (mums and pansies) in my two big planters because my petunias were dead as could be. I watered all the flowers because we haven't had a spot of rain in two weeks. Then I cooked a good dinner for Emma and me (who had been eating rather poorly as we usually do when Dad's gone!). I fell into bed absolutely exhausted and slept the best I had the whole time Jess was gone (I can never sleep without him!). It's good to know I wasn't the only one slaving away! :) Hope you get your floor fixed--I know that's frustrating!


Wow! Thanks everyone for responding...sounds like tons of work got done around the country! And it is good to know I wasn't the only one working hard!

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