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Thursday, October 27, 2005



There are several things I enjoy doing in my spare time.
I love family history and old pics. I think it's neat finding out about your past.
I also like looking at our pics. My Momma relies on me to find a certain pic. out of the tons we have because I usually know where it is or have an idea of what date it was taken. :)
I have done some scrapbooking, but since we have been so busy this year, I haven't really done any.
Whenever I get in a cooking mood, I usually bake something sweet and I like to try exotic recipes. :)
That's some things I like to do whenever I get a chance.
As far as Scrabble playing goes, Momma would LOVE to play with you. That's her all time favorite game ( I think it's because she most always wins :) ).


Hobbies? ~sigh~ Maybe some day.


Melanie, I IS very hard when there are little ones around. "My" time, when the kids were growing up, was after dinner each evening when Tom was doing school (math and science) with them. They never even missed me for just awhile when they had Dad. Maybe your hobby time isn't THAT far away if Larry did something like that (even books and kiddie games) before harder subjects in the years ahead. :)

Courtney, I'd LOVE to play with your momma. Now we know at least one thing we can do whenever we get together! :)

Sarah Showalter

I like....READING!! (: But I have many other hobbies too--sewing, crocheting, knitting, scrapbooking, writing letters, (can you call that a hobby?),gardening, baking, etc. In fact I never have enough time to do as much as I want of any of my hobbies. And I have so many things I like to do that it's hard to decide which one I should do....(:

Sarah Showalter

Forgot to ask--have you ever played ''anagrams''? It's a variation of scrabble and a lot more fun in my opinion. Someone taught my mother's family how to play it when she was a girl. Since then it has been turned into a real game that you can buy in the store I think. We've always just called it scrabble but the proper name is anagrams. We'll have to show you how to play it sometime. (:


Sarah, no, I don't think I've heard of that game. I'll have to check it out to see if it's too much like Scrabble to buy it. I'd love to have you teach us to play. :) Thanks.

Sarah Showalter

You can play it with a regular scrabble game--all you need is the letters. I think if you buy the game it will have different amounts of the different letters but you can play with just what comes in a regular scrabble game too. We found out from a friend how many of each letter belongs in the anagrams game and collected them from several scrabble games. Now they are stored in a jar for whenever we want to play. But you can play with a regular scrabble game too.......(:

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