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Saturday, October 01, 2005



Yes, music is in my weekend.

I'm going to play the radio later today!



I play music in the old drive on the pc and in the stereo, my vocal chords thrumming away. I resigned the church choir this week after seven years. A difficult thing for me to do, but the right decision since God has been leading me to new lands.
I will worship Him in song from my seat in the sanctuary now.


Fred, if it were BBN you were playing, then I know you were a hit! :)

Paula, I'm sure they will miss you in the choir. I'm guessing it was the extra time it took for practicing? I'll be looking forward to hearing all the Lord has for you in the future.


Mrs. Girotti, you were given a talent, but you buried it ( you bury seeds and roots of plants in the ground, get it? :) ). You seem to be really good with plants!! Not everyone can do that!

We were able to sing 2 different times this past weekend. Once for a pastor who came to visit us and again last night at our church back in the mtns. ( we drove up there for the evening service ).

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