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Wednesday, November 02, 2005



Interesting! I even learned a few new facts about my sis. :)


Very Interesting to read about you Deb.I didn't know that you had been to Italy and Israel.I have lived in 6 states and one country.(Iceland).Soon the states will be 7.Now I know how to be a friend-Diet Coke will be brought when I visit from North Carolina.I can't imagaine college dorms either.I get sick thinking that some are coed.We have 2 cats!!


I enjoyed the insights into your life. I never would have guessed that you were a "quiet" person from reading your blog. I'll tell you why God made cats: they're great in recipes:0 J/K

One question: Your first kiss wasn't at your wedding? I've heard of people doing this before but never seen it at a wedding i.e. skipping the kiss.

Another question: Are there any pictures of you on this blog? It would be fun to put a face with the name.

Keep the great posts coming! ~LYDIA


Bet, what in the world could you NOT know about me!!!?? :)

Tammy, sounds like you are for sure moving to NC, then? Let us know the timing; we'll be praying for all the logistics.

Lydia, thanks for the comment and your questions! :)
Re: first kiss question. No, it wasn't at the wedding. Since we planned from the beginning to wait and save our first kiss for marriage, we also planned to make it just the two of us in the privacy of our honeymoon lodging. We didn't want such a special first-time kiss to be in front of the crowd. I'm sure it was a surprise to most of the folks attending our wedding, but we've never been sorry we saved such an intimate precious thing for "just us."

Re: pictures

If you go to the 25th Anniv photo album on the left sidebar, there should be a couple of people pictures. Here's one link of Tom and me at the rim of the canyon:

Go to the archives on August 23 for our wedding picture:

Go to the archives on February 17 for our proposal picture:


I think I knew MOST of those things about you Deb. Jess and I did not kiss in front of everybody at our wedding either--but we did privately afterward! :) And by the way, God made cats for those of us who love them. Our Spot is a wonderful pet--and I bet she's a lot less trouble than Pepper or your doggie-nephew-yet-to-be-named will be! :)


Rhonda, well I learned something new about you! I didn't know you and Jess did that.

Cute comment! :) Dogs are a bit of trouble I think. But they're worth it. And did you know I was making a trip to see my doggie nephew next weekend? I'll get to experience puppy trouble firsthand!

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