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Saturday, November 19, 2005



So, did you find bridesmaid dresses you liked, Hannah? I know you mentioned that you were having some difficulty finding dresses you liked and felt comfortable with. Maybe you could post pictures. :-)


Chris came back today for one week.3 weeks without him was VERY long.All are happy.I hope the weather holds out for Micah and Elizabeth-on Lake Erie you can get lake effect snow -very wet and fast comming down.We lived in Cleveland for 2 years.
How are the plans comming along for the rehersal dinner?Let us know about the dresses.


The guys headed out to deer hunt on opening day today...John shot a 9 point buck that weighed 175 pounds after it was field dressed! Sarah and I did some shopping, got our shoeboxes together for Samaritan's Purse Christmas project, and ate out for lunch at Chic-Fil-A. Sarah also bought new yarn to knit a hat to match a pullover she was given for her birthday. How did the dress fitting go? Would love to see pictures!


That sounds like fun, Hannah ( the dress part, not the art, ugh :) )! Let me know how it went!


Thanks, Jaime, for stopping by and commenting! Check your e-mail box this afternoon. :)

To everyone who wanted to know about the dresses, we were glad we made the trip to try them on. It was successful in that we were able to get measured and just see the dress in person. I don't think you would want to see a picture of me in the dress--it "swallowed me whole" as Mom put it.:) It will be nice to see the finished product once Elizabeth adds the final touches. I'm sure we'll eventually be posting pictures!


I am sure once Micah is married Deb will have a whole section on the blog called Wedding.We will get to see many pictures of dresses,tuxedos and lots of people .

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