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Friday, November 18, 2005



Those little pies look dangerous to me because if they were in my kitchen, that platter would probably be empty! They look yummy! Thanks for the recipe!


Oh, Wes would LOVE these! I'll have to make him some. Thanks for the recipe!


UMMMM... I have some sweet potatoes in the garage form Quail Cove. Looks like we just may have to cook some of these up over the holiday weekend next week! Thanks for the recipe. BTW the dish they are on in the picture is so pretty, reminds me of a Tea Party! :)


When my granny on my dad's side was stil living, she would make these for us on Sundays when we came over. She put marshmallows in hers, and they are delicious!!!


Christy, thanks for stopping by and leaving the comment. We have found that the majority of people have never had these little pies; they were popular in our grandparent's day though. Your granny sounds like a great cook!

And to everyone else who commented: If you do decide to try these pies, they will become a keeper recipe for sure! :)

Jenine Ouillette

OMG who knew a potato by any other name could be so sweet (pun intended, recipe serious eating, Thank you. Jenine

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