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    "So shall my word be that goes forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it."

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Tuesday, May 02, 2006



It is beautiful! I love the colors. I can hand quilt, maybe I could give you lessons some day!


Cindi, I don't know if you realize this or not...but I usually take people up on what they offer (especially if it's free!) :)

We'll see what we can work out. Thanks for your kind words. :)


It's absolutely gorgeous! I love quilting. In fact, I really need to start another one. The last one I made was finished in March for a friend's wedding. There's something so. . . old-fashioned :). . . about a nice, homemade quilt.


It's lovely! I love the soft colors, sure makes mine look gaudy, but I'm reminding myself that mine is for a baby, so it should be bright. Hopefully I will finish it soon.


Very pretty!!
Ya'll arranged the picture so well too!


Very very nice!


It's beautiful! You did a great job and should be proud.

Mrs. B

It's so beautiful! I LOVE quilts but don't sew.

You did a wonderful job! (o:


Deb, it's gorgeous!!!! I was so thrilled to see that first couple of sentences that I yelled out, "Oh, I hope there's a picture!" as the page was filling in. Beth thought I had gone nuts! LOL You did a great job on it, and I know it will be perfect in your guest room, no matter how you display it.


Just beautiful! you did a great job too!!! Maybe I'll come visit sometime and sleep in the guest room under that quilt!! :)


Oh, how lovely! Thanks for posting a picture. It looks like something from a quilting shop postcard. So cute with the birdhouse and the white fence. I have made one quilt in my life. It was a simple tied quilt I did in highschool. I still have it lying on my bed. I chose the colors to match those in my room. My favorite part (like any of my sewing projects) was picking out the material.
The actual sewing part is a little trickier for me. :)
Thanks for sharing with us and yes, a desire accomplished is indeed sweet to the soul.


Deb, it is beautiful! You did a wonderful job! Maybe I'll come with Chris, and we can share that guest room and admire your work close up. :-) I looked closely at that chickadee on the birdhouse, before I read the post, to see if it was real. It is incredible that its little beak is stuffed with the makings for its nest! Hannah, lovely photography.


I love it! And I get to sleep in the guest room!

Mrs Blythe

I saw your "10 things about me" list on Tammy's blog and had to visit, it was the skunk comment that got me!
That quilt is exquisite, and it looks like you live in some beautiful county there.


Nice quilt!!Good job and I am sure you are happyjust to complete it.


Thank you everyone for stopping by to comment!! I appreciate the kind words. Our Typepad was down most of the day and evening yesterday, and I'm just now able to get on and reply.

To Bet, Chris and Dorothy: guest room is open most any time...AFTER I recoop from the wedding, that is. :)

Mrs. Blythe, thanks for being a first time visitor and commenter. I checked out your new blog, too, and enjoyed the visit.

Susan G - yes, I followed your progress on your quilt. I know you were quite pleased to finish it. It must be a special, special friend to receive such a gift that you poured so much of your time into!

Susan in Canada - I feel so free having completed the quilt. NOW, I can get started back on some other crafts!

Kris, I'll keep my eye out at the Quilt Gallery when your quilt is posted. :)

Mrs. B, Barbara, & Flipflop: thank you for visiting and for your kind words. Yes, I am very excited to say it's finished!

Lydia, thank you for the compliment! Yes, I agree. Picking out the material was fun, a little intense getting the right colors to match, but still fun.

To Courtney and Tammy, our faithful regular commenters: thanks! You're right, I was sooo happy to complete it!


It's so beautiful! I love the picture. Any chance you could just leave it on that fence? ;) Your colors are just perfect. Love it!


I was trying to remember why that book fair sounded so familiar every time you guys have mentioned it. I finally remembered. I had a friend here in Roanoke, Jennifer Heimburger (think that's right) who went every year. She always got so excited when it was time. I think she may have picked up a few books for my boys. She has since moved. I often think of her and wonder how they're doing.


I'm totally impressed by the quilt AND the photo. How'd you get that bird to pose so perfectly? He's real, right?

Love the quilt!


I love the quilt! It really makes for a wonderful picture! Can I add it to the "quilt gallery"?


I love that picture! It is perfect that the bird was included!

This reminds me that I have been meaning to tell you that my cardinal cross stitch is more special to me now that I realise the cardinal is the Virginia state bird! Thanks for telling me that! Virginia is my favourite state that I visited in the USA.


Hi Randi, please feel free to add it to the quilt gallery. Thanks!

Carol and Sherrin, yes, how about that bird?! He appeared at just the last second before Hannah snapped the picture!

Carol, thanks for your sweet compliment.
Sherrin, I'm so glad you fell in love with Virginia! It's the only state I've ever lived in, and I love it, too.


What a beautiful quilt - I can't sew at all but I have such admiration for those who do!


Your quilt is absolutely beautiful!


Thank you Islandsparrow and Kim.

Ya know...from all the nice comments I've gotten, this quilt is meaning much more to me than it did before I posted the picture. Thank you all for your votes of confidence. What special memories you've given me. :)

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