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Sunday, May 21, 2006


Mrs Blythe

What a lovely tour of the themed gardens, I wish I could see more! It looks so pretty around Wade's Mill, so green, just like England. Thank you for sharing your day!


Great pictures, Deb. Thanks for the tour, and yes, I'd love to go when I come for a visit later this summer. Maybe the summer flowers will give you something new to look at then too. :)


Did you know that Wade's Mill buys some of our wheat every year? So you might have seen some if it there....(: Sounds like you had a fun time. We've been toured the mill but I haven't ever been to the herb gardens. By the way, Hannah did you try any bread yet from fresh milled flour? How did it turn out? (:


That sounds like a really nice outing. That isn't too far for me. I used to have a friend in Charlottesville. I have been known to jump in the car and drive up there to help her clean her apartment because she was pulling her hair out. lol I was definitely younger. :) I'll have to keep that place in mind for a little day trip.

They have those stars at a couple of shops in the mall and also at a new vintage shop that's opened. I will try to get the low-down on the price per size. I'm fairly certain that the ones at Two P's in a Pod were nowhere near the prices you listed.


Pretty pictures!!looks very peaceful for a nice Sunday trip.

I did read that Blue Stars could be for Moms who have children who are in a war zone whether it is Army ,Navy,Marines ,or Coast Guard.Gold Stars are those moms who lost their children at war.

Other then that I didn't find anything about red stars.The stars that you were looking at were proably just for decoration.Hope this helps a little!!


Mrs. Blythe, you're welcome. I've really enjoyed your England pictures you've recently posted, too.

Sarah, no, I didn't know your family furnished Wade's Mill with grain. Maybe we could buy 50# from y'all sometime. And the taste of the bread from y'all's grain we used was really GOOD! We just need to experiment with the bread machine a little more. Hannah's going to try some by hand instead of machine to see how that does. Thanks!

Lisa, it would be great if you were able to check. I've never been to the shop you mentioned, but I like the name! :)

Tammy, thanks for the input. The reason I asked the question is because we did notice some new-agey things they had in their shop for sale and didn't know if this could be the same type thing or not.

Bet, Mountain Musing's Bed and Breakfast is open anytime this summer...after June 4th.


Deb, when I was in PA last fall they have lots of those stars. They are not that expensive. They usually sell them plain, as in iron and you can paint them. My sister has a huge one on the side of her house she bought in PA and it was around $60.


Cindi, thanks for the info. I'll continue asking and checking around. I don't really get up to PA at all, so I'll have to check around here. But it's good to know you can get bigger ones cheaper than almost $100!


Deb, I'm heading to PA this weekend. Would you like me to look for one for you? I could give it to you when we meet for lunch next month. My friend I'm visiting has one on her house, and it looks so nice. Let me know before I leave Thursday.


Dorothy, I'll email ya!


We got some pics over the e-mail a day or 2 ago of my new little cousin. They had some other shots mixed in with them and one pic showed a patriotic star on their front porch. I'm guessing its like the ones you saw the other day. It was cute, but I don't know where the idea came from.


Thanks for sharing your trip! It looks like a wonderful, relaxing place to visit. It is a pity it would cost me about $2000 to drop over and see you!

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