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Wednesday, June 21, 2006



10 years ago we drove from Alabama to Rhode Island for my Uncle Mike and Aunt Clarice's 50th anniversary.It was a LONG drive ,Gregory was 21 months and Allison was 5.The vacation was fun and on the way we back we discovered Hershey,PA.

Chris took a 90 day job in all places-Columbus,Ohio.We are going to be up there with for 3 weeks starting July 23.It will be fun to see our old friends and be tourists of where we used to live!!


My summers were spent at Buggs Island (John H. Kerr Lake on the North Carolina/Virginia border). My Momma would take off every summer from work and we would go down and live in a camper all summer. We had a boat. My Daddy who was a long haul trucker would come when he was back from a trip and then leave to go to work again. We would catch lightening bugs, play kick the can, and hot potato with real potatoes roasted in the fire. My children will not have those same memories, but we do try to do special things in the summer. We usually try to come up to the lake at least once a week. Then there are special things around here we do. I myself do not like summer. I melt in the heat.


You could come over here for your summer holiday, than you'd be nice and cold :). We have two spare beds, and we could probably find some floor space and mattresses for the rest of you.


Tammy & Cindi - it was interesting hearing about your previous summer vacations.

Tammy, I don't mind driving at all and love seeing different areas, so I probably would have enjoyed that long trip. My, you will have an interesting summer 3-wk vacation this year. Enjoy!

Cindi, We've been over to Buggs Island many times thru the years, but never camped or got in the water there. I'd rather stop in at Grandfather's right there on the main street in Clarksville. Ever been there?

Sherrin - Yay, Hurray, Hip-Hip, Wow, Yipee... my first invitation to Australia!!!! Oh my, what an offer! We'll have to keep that in mind for the future for sure! :)

Susan P.

Deb, I was so happy to have you visit my blog home! I think a "get together" of all us "Virginia gals" sounds like so much fun!! I am amazed at how many of us do live in Virginia. I am from the Chester area which is about 25 miles south of Richmond. Loved your post on summer vacations. My family would go tent camping to the beach every year. I remember playing cards by lantern light, eating smores, listening to the sounds of nature as we would drift off to sleep. Ah, wish I was there now!


Well Deb, after I wrote that I remembered we actually have two spare rooms and three spare beds! Then Mum said we have another bed stored somewhere! So you see that you will be well catered for :). Did I mention that we live in the state of Australia that has "The Holiday Isle" as its slogan?

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