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Friday, June 23, 2006



I love where you are from..sounds really familiar to me..I did this exercise awhile back on my blog..


Loved your post!!

still wishing things could be as they were for just one more day--with Daddy still alive-I can't tell you how many times I have wished for my mom to be alive.

from laughter and card games with Arnold and Margaret...until Tom started calling-Just imagaine life without Tom ever calling-what a change because he did call!!


This was beautiful! I loved the image of "See Rock City" on every painted roof...of homemade peace ice cream. Didn't you find it healing to recollect all of the places you come from? I so appreciated reading this! Actually, I so enjoyed my visit here: the growth in the gardens, the hungry deer, the beautiful wedding---your writing is thoughtful and gentle and refreshing. Thank you, Deb, for opening up your home for us!

Ann V.


I LOVED reading your post!!! It made tears come to my eyes as I thought of all the places you were from and how special those memories are to each of us! To remember our heritage is a lost "art" in today's world when its all about the here and now and the pleasures of the day. What a feast of blessing comes our way as we reflect on all the ways God has blessed our lives in the past and the SWEET SWEET memories of where we are from. In a way its like thanking the ones who have gone on before us who helped make those memories and made us what we are today. Thanks Deb, it was refreshing to my soul!!


Absolutely the best "Where I am From" I have ever read! I can identify with so many of your memories - the camp meetings, the "See Rock City" painted on barn roofs, the shoe box filled with fruit and nuts on Christmas, the Bro. Maze revivals . . . I loved it, Deb!


What a treat to stumble across your website. I am jealous.....our daughter attended Bridgewater College for a while and how we loved visiting that area.......the Village Inn, Dayton Farmer's Market, Kline's (enjoyed looking at that link!!) We live in another part of the state, but the Shenandoah Valley is a special place :o)


Pass the Kleenex, woman! I've read a ton of these. None has touched me like yours.

Hey...speaking of the Inspirations...ever heard of the Brighterside Quartet?

Thanks for sharing your "Where I'm From." It's great. (That would be great stitched or calligraphied). :)


Everyone ~ thanks for reading and thanks for your comments. I enjoyed remembering these things as I wrote it. And your compliments were kind.

Ann V. and Marie - Thanks for stopping by. It's always good to have first-time visitors. I'm glad you enjoyed being here.

Susan - you're amazing! I didn't think anyone else would have heard of Bro. Maze! But I did figure that a lot of my list of things might be familiar to you, too! :)

Lisa - No, don't believe I've heard of that quartet. It would make a nice piece calligraphied - don't think I could stitch that long of a poem!


Beautiful. The best post I've read on a blog all week.


WONDERFUL! I did this back in April -- if you'd like to read mine it' here - Where Melli's From. Thanks for stopping by my blog!


Ph Deb - that is beautiful!! I read about your people and background (English, Scottish, and Irish descent.)That is also my heritage and I am amazed that although we live many miles apart, and in different countries, there are remarkable similarities in our upbringing.
Thank you for this lovely post - it was a pleasure to read.


hmmm - what is Ph? I think I meant to type Hi...:)

Mrs Blythe

What a lovely description and a great idea. I might have a go sometime on the website you quoted. Blessings.


So many of them were mine also. I could change a very few things and it would be mine. One would be that we were given Vick's to eat by the tablespoon when we were sick. Aunt Henrietta did that. She wasn't my aunt then, she was my nanny. She never rubbed it on our chest. The stuff tastes nasty!


Hi Cindi - Well, we were given castor oil--the slimy kind. Ugh! That's fun that we both have a lot of the same things in our lives - interesting!

Melli - thanks for stopping by and being a first-time commenter. Thanks for leaving your link to your Where I'm From. :)

Mrs. Blythe - yes, if you haven't tried writing out yours, you really should. It's a great thinking and writing exercise - brings back tons of memories.

Sherrin - oh my! thanks for the kind compliment. I'm glad you liked it.

Sparrow - thank you and so glad you were blessed by it. You will have to write one, too, if you haven't already.


Wow, Deb! Reading that was like taking a stroll down memory lane. I did so many of those same things as a child. I wish I could have had the Sunday experiences before I was 21, but praise God He called me and saved me just the same! That was beautifully written! Are you like your mother or father? You have indeed lived a blessed life!


I guess you did this quite awhile ago - but I'm so glad you pointed us here!
This is beautiful- a lovely peek into your past, to see what flavored you, so to speak.
And thanks for the info on my site - I edited my post to add what you advised! I didn't know where this originated, I just knew I wanted to do it! :)


I loved this! I hope to add it to my blog. Thank you!

Connie W

I may do this "where I'm from" eventually on my blog and am writing to ask permission to use the picture in your sidebar...didn't know if it is yours or if it's being shared by those doing the theme. Thanks.


Thank you Deborah and Connie for visiting and commenting. Anyone who wants to use the sunflower button for the Where I'm From poem are welcome to use it. I took the picture at Buffalo Herb Farm in Raphine, VA (now closed), but Hannah cropped and made it into a button for the sidebar. Feel free to right click and save to your computer.

And I'd heartily recommend doing the Where I'm From poem. I love all the ones I've read. If you write one, come back and leave your link so we can come read it!


Hello again,
Since this is where I first found Where I Am From, I wanted to let you know that I've added it as a meme to my blog. You can check it out at either of my blogs.


Deb - as I read this post I am encouraged more than I can say. I am encouraged not only because of the wonderful christian history that you have written about but also because of the lovely way you have written it. Your turn of phrase is truly beautiful. Well Done :)

michelle clarke

Just beautiful, have fifty five in our community and now I am digging up my hillside and planting
red, yellow and whites in three rows.
Michelle Clarke, Md.

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