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Tuesday, July 18, 2006



What a welcome home! I'm so sorry about the AC. I had to drive my car to the shop yesterday without its AC on (to make sure I got it there without stalling!) and I was miserable. I know you are--even up in the mountains. We'll pray you get it fixed soon. I'm always frantic to get my life back in order after a trip. I can't wait to get the clothes washed and the luggage put away and life back to normal. :)


Sorry to hear about having no AC.I would be miserable,this is the hottest since we moved here.The heat index is to be above 100.

When we lived in Cleveland a few years back,the house we rented had no AC.We owned about 4 fans that helped keep us cool.


OHHHH! SOOOO Sorry!! I remember growing up WITHOUT a/c and thinking now, "How did we manage!" We had fans running in the rooms we were in and then at night we would close all the windows except the bedroom windows, put an exhaust fan in one window and draw the air through the house. We made it through! I guess it wasn't as hot back then! LOL :)


WOW! So sorry for that! It is so hot here in Yorktown today! I've done some outside work, but am now in trying to get over the heat! I'll pray you can get someone out ASAP!


I hope the Trane Man gets to you soon, Deb!

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