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Monday, July 03, 2006



I want to go yard-saling with YOU!!!! I love the milk can and the watering can, although I have no idea how to go about restoring the milk can's lid. And you found Rachel! Lucky you!


WOW! What a buy!!! 25 cents?!?!? Don't tell my Daddy!! LOL!! Mine came in the mail while we were in GA. I can't wait to read it!!


What great finds!

shucks, I was just reading somewhere about using borax to clean up antique finds, but I can't remember where I read it. I'll have to retrace my steps. Whoever it was was a huge fan of the borax and said it cleaned without damaging.


Bessilu is the one who used it and the link to the wacky uses is on her blog. Love her blog.

Thankfully, it's the first place I went back to check. Hope this helps!


Lisa! THANKS for taking time to check! I'll go check it out!


Love that milk can! Not sure about restoring it though. The watering cans on the steps look so nice. Haven't been yard-saling in a looooong time...maybe soon...for things to decorate my newly remodeled back screened porch! The green star looks so nice!:-)



Who wasa the first one to say this to you!!!I forgot all about this until NOW!!


Tammy, I think my sister told me first either on email or a comment - can't remember. Then as each of the girls got up they did, then Jonathan called at lunch and he did, and Tom came home from work and he did as soon as he came in the door. Now you! Thanks! It's become one of our favored traditions :)


My father swears by Coca-Cola to remove rust. I've tried it on a few antiqaues that were quite rusty, and after a couple of good soaks, most of the rust came off.

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