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    "So shall my word be that goes forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it."

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Monday, July 24, 2006



Hahahahahaha! This made me laugh out loud, Tom! Thanks for sharing the family's military experiences. :) I wish you luck in your mission.


OK. I'm VERY afraid! Armed as you are, the bunnies have no chance of success. I'm usually the last to recommend deadly force, but I admit that Jess has pelted some squirrels around here with BBs, but the raccoons could care less. I hope your bunnies respond appropriately. Happy hunting! :)


LOL Carry on troops.

The little critters have eaten my tomatoes and squash, so let'm have it!


LOL!!!!! What a funny post! I loved it and would love even more to watch your "troop" in action! (and maybe a picture of the Militia Mama at war:)) Sounds like you have the makings for a good "war" novel! LOL


That was hilarious! I was mentally hearing a hick western accent, like in an old cowboy movie :).

Tammy S.

You're going to kill poor, innocent bunnies???

LOL I hope you have good success!


Tammy, not the innocent ones...only the guilty ones. Those would be all the brown ones. :)

(I told Tom we might get all the bunny lovers upset with us.) :)


LOL! Love it. Remember they are vermin. Since gardening I do not find them cute! We live in the city and can't shoot them. Our oldest knows how to set a snare. Last year one had the audacity to build a nest in my squash patch and have babies in there!


Please refer to my comment of
June 1,2005 at 8:49pm:

Rabbit problem could have been long gone and you could have had some good Hasenfeffer!

I heard a good lemon herb seasoning goes well with rabbits!

Carmon Friedrich

Rabbits and deer are vermin which attract dangerous predators and eat everything in sight. Bang! We are ruthless when it comes to such critters :-).

I think maybe I'm gonna have to start a new page with pictures of Prarie Muffins packing heat. I can imagine the comments now...


Hilarious! I've never used a gun but my brother enjoys hunting and ''stuff'' like that so I know a bit about it. I'm sure he would love to see your gun....and I would like to see Sarah in action.....(:

The Serven Clan

We also had a rabbit escapade . . . but we were not exactly sure how best to put it on the blog. So we didn't. : ) The fun part: We found a family of eight baby bunnies in our winter garden boxes right next to the house. The sad part: The parent bunnies were eating several crops in our garden . . . and then our dogs took to mouthing the baby rabbits . . . which was, uh, not a happy thing. Regardless, the rabbit population was significantly diminished by "the survival of the fittest" (aka dogs) and later "natural selection" (aka shotgun). Happily, we have not had problems since then. : )


Very funny! We had a time when you couldn't walk around our house without seeing 10 rabbits. After a few weeks of consideration and failed dimplomacy, we deployed the sniper team with semi-auto .22's and high powered scopes. Soon the aroma of gunpowder wafted over the yard. Amazingly, no more rabbits! I don't like killing them, but when they become a destructive pest...

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