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Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Mrs. U

Oh goodness gracious. Now look what's happened!!! I read this post and just HAD to go make chocolate chip cookies!!!! Can I blame my weight gain on your post here?? HAHHAAAA!!!!


Mrs. U

Susan P.

I'm with Mrs. U, I am having severe chocolate withdrawals now:) Dove happens to be my all time favorite chocolate. I prefer the milk choc. as well but I'll take the dark anytime it's offered.LOL I know a lady on of the blogs I visit who has 1 piece of dark chocolate about an hour before supper. She says it staves off the "hungries" and it is healthy for you! I don't think I could stop at one,though:)


You know what?This carnival is not good for my cravings! I will look at that receipe though!


I've decided that trying to lose weight is harder when the carnival topic is as sweet as this lol!!

I may have to get me some dark chocolates and have one a day but my track record isn't one where I can stop at one lol.

Debi D

Did you know there are dark chocolate M & M's now? Yummmmmmmm


Had to have a chocolate fix today...a Butterfinger candy bar! Not dark chocolate, but I'm sure it did some good! :-)


Thanks for all the comments all you chocoholics out there! :)

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