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Wednesday, August 23, 2006



Very neat idea, Deb. I enjoyed reading all these and seeing the pictures. Thanks for doing it.


That was fun! Thanks for sharing all the photos, links & stories. I really like the binder idea, but sshhhh....don't tell Courtney. :-)


Thanks again Deb for putting all of this together! What fun I'm going to have looking at everyone's recipe boxes/binders!

Oh and I just love the wooden boxes that you and your girls keep your recipes special. (o:


Wow! Thanks for doing this! I don't have a recipe box or book - it's mostly my Better Homes and Gardens book and my TOH magazines - so I didn't participate. I'm enjoying seeing all the others, though!


Thanks Mrs. G for doing this! It was fun!! :)


That was a lot of fun. I'd have submitted a picture of my vintage recipe boxes but I still do not own a digital camera!

My family has laughed at me because in our last three moves, I set my recipe box in the front seat of the car with me so it didn't get lost.


Brenda, welcome to Mountain Musings and being a first-time commenter! Sounds like your recipe box(s) would be good ones to get into! I've often wanted to trade recipe boxes with someone for one week and end up with a whole slew of new dishes to try!

Susan P.

Deb, thanks so much for doing this. I have really enjoyed going around and checking out all the recipe boxes! What a wonderful treasure you have that your husband made for you. I didn't participate because my recipe box is "beyond pathetic looking!" LOL This has inspired me to make something new! Maybe next year??!!!


This is a lovely thing to do. I wanted to post about my recipe box, but I was in Launceston away from my computer and could not take a picture. I must visit some of those who were able to participate!


Hi Deb - I'm late - but I finally did my post!! I enjoyed the various stories behind all the reipes boxes. Your daughter's wooden ones are especially lovely! A good idea for my daughter who is turning 16 in Sept. My apologies for being late and thanks for hosting the event.


I bet you are enjoying your comapny!!

I ope there are some good pictures of both families together.

Neat recipes boxes.

Mrs. U

Hi Deb!!
This was fun!!!!! You had a GREAT idea in doing this. I just LOVE taking a peek into everyone's kitchen!! :)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your recipe boxes (and your daughters). Have y'all ever thought of making more and selling them online??

Mrs. U


Thank you everyone who participated and also those who stopped by and left comments.

IslandSparrow, thanks for posting a picture of your vintage recipe box! It is definitely a treasure! Many prayers and well wishes go to you and your family this week as you prepare for the wedding.

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