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Sunday, September 10, 2006



It is hard to fight the bits of envy that want to jump into my heart seeing and reading this! What a blessing!!


This looks neat.Allison said it looks like you are at a family camp -all of the trees!!


Church on the deck -- how neat, Deb!

One dream I have for our land is to build a little open-air chapel under the trees. I envision two rows of several wood benches each, a pulpit and a cross for outside meetings of us with other believers staying with us, or even just for our personal family worship time.

Thanks for sharing these pics of your homechurch fellowship. :)


Oh, it must be so nice to worship outside! What a lovely day you must have had!


It looks like a fun and edifying time :). I am glad you could participate! Fellowship with God's people is such a blessing. No wonder God tells us not to avoid it! He convicted me last year about how I had not been passionate enough about his people. So much of the New Testmanent is about the church. We need to catch and reflect God's passion for his church.

Pam in Colorado

We home fellowship as well. We actually meet with two different groups. The size changes with both groups as life changes. What a beautiful setting you were in.

Ken Pierpont

That is one of the most beautiful churches I have ever seen.

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