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Wednesday, September 13, 2006



Wow, Deb, I received that email as well and have been thinking about what to do as we are at Wal-Mart several times a week. It has made me realize just how dependent we are on that huge, mega-store and the luxury of going to just one place for almost everything! Thanks for the post and the encouragement to stand for what is right and honors God.


It is so good to know that now I can have a REASON not to shop there! Of course, I need to write a letter and let them know this. I think that I was spending about 600-800 dollars per month there (we bought all groceries, toiletries and basics there) so hopefully they will start to feel a sting if enough people make a fuss about this!

Tammy S.

You know, Deb, I saw this on someone else's blog. I don't do much shopping at Wal-mart anymore, because they are further away than Meijer. Also, Meijer has groceries, whereas the Wal-mart near us does not. However, Wal-mart's prices seem to be a little lower, but since it's out of my way, I don't typically go there for my errands.

What about Sam's Club? Does the same thing apply for Sam's Club, or are the businesses seperated?


I just came back from there-OUCH!

I wonder how long I can last without going there??

In the early 90's AFA urged people to boyucott K-Mart and eventually they stopped the agenda they were pushing (forgot what it was),so maybe this will work again.

Pam in Colorado

We too have heard the info regarding Walmart. They are supporters of Planned Parenthood as well. All in all we decided to stay away and to let our concerns be known. I hope they make some major changes. I honestly do not think Sam Walton would be pleased with the current situation.


I have read about this on several blogs and still don't know how to go about this. If you boycott Walmart, than you had better boycott Target as well. They have been openly supporting that movement for quite a few years now. I think every major organization supports it. I am not saying that it is right or wrong (personally it's wrong) but, if you start boycotting places because of it, you won't have anywhere left to shop.

Tammy S.

I talked with my husband and we decided to boycott Wal-Mart. We've done a fair bit of shopping there over the years, and like one of your other commenters said, I'm sure Sam Walton wouldn't have approved.


I am back with another thought about boycotting.Unfortunatly in the profit world we live in the big guys never loose their jobs due to a boycott.It is the little cashier who may work at Walmart who really needs that money but profits drop due to boycotts ,the store has layoffs and there goes the cashier.My husband has lost many of a job because the different places he was working at wern't making budget for the month.So there went his job.I think I will have to start practicing what our pastor taught from James this past Sunday and take a baby step of buying fair trade coffeee from the coffee shop down the street.

Tom -any good provoking thoughts about this??


Thank you to everyone who chimed in on this issue, especially the first-time commenters. I appreciate your input.

Tammy S. - I'm assuming that Sam's would be considered part of Wal-Mart, but I don't know for sure. Glad that you stopped back by to say that you and your husband are putting your $ someplace else.

Denial - I agree it would be impossible to boycott everything; I made reference to that towards the end of the post. I'm thinking suppose everyone took their business elsewhere for even just a month, would Wal-Mart sit up and take notice when sales really plummeted? Would they realize the customer means business? Just a thought. (I didn't know that about Target; thank you for the info.)

Tammy - I hear what you're saying about the workers possibly losing their jobs when profits decrease. Sometimes standing up for what's right will be hard; it's never easy to go against the tide. And sometimes that makes innocent people suffer.

In the case we're talking about, what if all the Wal-Mart cashiers/workers decided they didn't like the new partnership Wal-Mart has formed and decided they'd all give up their jobs. I'm sure Wal-Mart would re-think their position.

(I'll pass on your question to Tom; yesterday was an early morning and early to bed, so no good provoking thoughts! :) )

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