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Tuesday, September 26, 2006



WOW Sarah!!! What a neat bunch of items!! You have some really nice things and what special treasures from your family members too. I had a hope chest too before I got married but I only received it in March of the same year I got married in June. Fred made it for my birthday and gave it to me, I was 21. We quickly filled it up during the next 3 months with little trips to K-Mart and gifts from lots of dear friends. Our older girls have been given a hope chest and are slowly but surely filling theirs. What fun, and how nice to get such a great head start! :) Thanks for your post, it was fun to take a peak at your "stuff". Nice to read your posts!!


Thank you for sharing the items in your hope chest. You have so many lovely things! What a blessing they will be to you. It is so awesome that you are already preparing for your home. I got married at 18 and was totally clueless. I have been married for almost 10 years (home full time for 2.5 years) and finally feel like I know a bit about running a home (and I'm now 28!). Needless to say, I am working to prepare my daughter for her future and hope to give her a hope chest in the next couple of years (she is 8 now).

Have a blessed day, Dana


You really have some neat things-the items from your granny are precious to own.

Allison will be 16 on March 30.I will have to get her one.I was surprised that your dad didn't make it,that is because he has made all of the other items for your chest!

I need to rearrange some of the things in mine to make sure nothing gets ruined-like old baby blankets.We have one that was used for Gregory,Allison and their dad. The blanket was made by Chris' great grand mother.


I have started putting things back for my son, who is almost seventeen. I don't know why I didn't think of it earlier.

My daughter also had a hope chest with all kinds of pretty things in it when she married. Another thing we did was to collect Christmas ornaments and decorations.

When she moved into her own house, she had everything to decorate beautifully for Christmas. Now some have been replaced with items she and her husband and kids have bought or made together, too.

You have so many beautiful things. Having items made by those you love will always be special.


Thanks so much for taking the time to answer!! I have only read about hope chests in my books about yesteryear. I think your collection is awesome!!


Thanks so much for sharing those things with us, Sarah!! It looks like you have a TON of nice, cozy, homey looking things for your future home.


I love this post. I have a beautiful hope chest my Grandad gave me, and I am planning to post about it soon.


Sarah, your hope chest is beautiful as are the treasures it holds.


Thank you for all your comments! :) Hannah will be getting her post up hopefully tomorrow.


You have a very beautiful things. I personally liked your tea set.
Thank you for sharing, I think you have a wonderful collection.

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