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Tuesday, October 03, 2006



Thanks for sharing.I like the pink dishes since pink is my favorite


very neat! Thank you both for sharing with us!! I have really enjoyed peeking into yall's hope chests.


Hannah -

I have so enjoyed yours and Sarah's peaks into your hope chests. My sister and I too had hope chests and enjoyed filling them very much [before either of you were born ;o)].

When I see young ladies today complaining about "what to do" if you stay home before marriage and/or children -- my advice is work at filling your hope chest! I've been married 20 years now, and I regret that I didn't put MORE in mine. Once the children start coming there is not so much time to make pretty things; and after 20 years -- things start wearing out! You are two wise young ladies! :o)

Blessings -


I also enjoyed taking a look into your hope chest. You have such beautiful things.


You have a lot of nice things just as Sarah did. Your fresh bread sign is cute!! Momma and I LOVE signs like that.


Thanks for sharing, Hannah! It was a pleasure to see what you have in your hope chest. May God richly bless you and your sister as you continue to trust the Lord and work at being keepers of the home. Wish that many more young women your ages were setting such godly examples for the younger girls like my daughter.


You have some very pretty things and I'm very sure they will come in useful when you become a wife and mother. When I was in my late teens I started saving things in what my nana and mum called my "bottom drawer". I think this is a regional variation on the traditional "hope chest" and it's a phrase not in common useage nowadays. As well as things which were given to me I bought lots of pretty items from thrift shops and antiques fairs. I still have most of these things and I will not part with them (even in my frenzied decluttering sessions)as "bottom drawer" things are not just a young woman's practical preparations for her future life, but an expression of what she wants to be.


Well, writing this post and taking the pictures at least helped me better clean and organize what I had in my hope chest. :) And yes, I hope that in a small way, it can be a help to younger ladies in showing the importance of preparing for her future God-given role in the home.

Thank you to newcomers Jodi and NaTacia for taking the time to comment. It's nice to have you. And Natalie, it's interesting to hear your UK version of a hope chest. :) Many of the things I've collected have more sentimental value than practical as well.

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