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Tuesday, October 24, 2006



How neat, Deb! I would have never thought of having a bell in my yard. I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of it next spring when you have the plants around it.


That is such a fun idea! I have never seen anything like that before. I love the idea and would love to do that in my own yard one day! It looks like your place has really changed since I saw it last.


How fun!

I would love to have a bell at our house! I am sure there must have been one here originally (or at least at some point) but hmmmm, I don't know where I would put one (but I am confident that I could find a place if I were blessed with a bell!).

I can't wait to see how lovely your bell looks once you get the flower bed finished!

Have a blessed evening,


Well , You know what they say, "good things come to those that wait" :) How fun! Looks like a perfect spot!
We don't have a bell but We do have a iron heart hanging from my back porch that has a rod iron clanging "stick". I use it to call the kids sometimes. My mom has had one for years on her back porch and I have always loved it. One day this past spring, Casey had visited the Wmsbrg Pottery and saw a blacksmith making them there and brought one home to me! Joseph made an iron hanger for it and up it went. Looks positively CUTE! :)
I love your bell, maybe one day we can put one of those up in the yard. My mom found a neat one last summer in Georgia that had an iron cow above it and the whole thing stands on her kitchen counter. Very neat!


The bell reminds of being at camp-the bell ringing signals dinner is ready!!


Here's a "word to know" for all bell aficionados:

** campanology **

"The art of bell ringing"

It comes from "campana," the Latin word for "bell." A good desk dictionary will have a fascinating list of related words. If you have ever played in a handbell choir, you have been a *campanologist.*


Thank you all so much for commenting; I loved hearing what you had to say about bells. Carol, thanks for the word lesson. I don't think I've ever heard that word before!

Chris, the iron heart and clanging stick sounds very unique! That would be a neat tradition for the kids to grow up with--being called in to the sound of that!

Dana, I've said the same thing as far as fitting new stuff in. As full as my walls are, I could still make room for something else!

Dorothy, yes, a couple of changes here and there...a little something new each year as we get around to it.

Tammy, you're right..I remember the BJU bells ringing whenever we were there for homeschool camp.

Susan, you'll have to plan to swing by here whenever you visit SC again. I'd love to give you a tour! :)

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