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Tuesday, November 28, 2006



Well, I was going to email you today if there wasn't a post! I was thinking maybe others got sick...glad to hear you have just been busy with family and decorating! We are decorating this Sunday after Jay and John return from their elk hunting trip. All the photos of your family are beautiful! Looks like you had a wonderful time together. Can't wait to see you on Monday! :-)

Susan P.

Oh Deb, what a wonderful family you have! I really enjoyed seeing all of the family "get together" pictures as well as sharing your family traditions through pictures. Families are such a blessing, aren't they?


Thanks for sharing your family celebrations and traditions with us Deb!

Now...if I could only share those rolls!! :) They look delicious!


Nice pictures!!

The one of you looks like Mrs.Claus!!

We put outside lights up and I have to clean the family room to fit the tree.This will be the first time putting decorations up in this house.


I loved reading about your family celebration! It's so nice that you live relatively near family members and can get together for holidays! :)


Your tree is lovely and I really like the picture you shared of your children....and the tree trimming fun!


Thanks for sharing your lovely pictres :).


I like all the pics in this post but especially like the one of you at the end. You look quite radiant and one would never guess you were so sick just a few days back.

I've really been enjoying all your homey seasonal posts, Deb. It's always a nice visit to your place. :)


Well I too was beginning to wonder if you all were all sick. When you put up part 1 I was a little disappointed that there not pictures of all the family. (Not that the critters weren't cute! :)) Everyone looks so festive and happy, what a sweet blessing to have the tree trimming together!
All of ours will be here Sat afternoon to decorate and set up our tree. We actually all go to the tree lot together and pick out the tree and then come home and start the "party" .
It gets more fun and special every year as we add to the family by marriage... can't wait to add by grandbabies! :)
Your Mom looks well, and I agree with one of your other commentors that you look like Mrs. Clause! :)
looking forward to lunch!:)

Mrs. Claus

Thank you all for your sweet comments on this post. We sure enjoy our family gatherings.

Ruthanne, thank you for the encouraging words. I'm glad so many of you take time out of your day to stop by and visit.

Chris & Dorothy...think I should wear my Santa cap when we meet for lunch? That would really be a hoot, huh?! LOL!

Barbara R.

Glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! And yes, I do know how hard it is to get 7 (in my case 7 children) to smile for the camera. It ain't no easy!


Definitely YES!!! LOL :)


That would be fun! It is going to be a lovely afternoon with two precious friends...I can't wait! :-)


I was beginning to wonder where you was.......were. Thanks for sharing the pics! Looks like ya'll had a wonderful family time!!

Tammy S.

Those are great pictures!

You said:
Do you know how hard it is to get 7 people perfect and not one of them blinking??!

YES! Because my family is a family of blinkers....Do you know how hard it is to get TWELVE people in a picture and have all eyes open? HEHE I have a picture from my wedding of my family and husband and I that the photographer said, "Now just for fun, everyone close your eyes" and then she took the picture. She was being good-natured, but she probably used more film then normal, because everyone kept blinking!

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