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Saturday, November 18, 2006



So SORRY to hear that Deb has been sick, I know she had a busy week this week and all the gang is supposed to be there for Thanksgiving next week, right? PTL for your sweet daughters that will be such a help and keep things moving right along. Our love and prayers to her! We will pray for a full, quick recovery so she can enjoy the time with all her loved ones on Thursday... and get back to blogging! :)


Thanks for the update.

I will pray that none of you get sick so all can enjoy your Thnaksgiving.

Susan P.

Tom, please let Deb know that I have prayed for her and will continue to do so. Deb is very dear to my heart! Please let her know I am thinking of her and sending hugs her way.
Blessings to all,
Susan P.


I'm sorry to hear that Deb is not feeling well - I'm lifting her up in prayer right now. May the Lord surround her and each one of your family with His loving care.

Fred O

Sorry to hear your bloggerette is not feeling well. Maybe if she is better tomorrow, she can go to churchette and hear a sermonette about Marie Antoinette on the dangers of cigarettes!!!

Fred O

P.S. If she isnt's feeling better and a relapse is imminant, put a plastic bag over the laptop!!!


I'm so sorry to hear that Deb's been sick! Please tell her that I've prayed for her. I hope she'll recover quickly and be able to fully enjoy Thanksgiving week. Blessings to all of you!


Awww........poor thing! Tell her that I hope she gets to feeling better REAL soon! Also, ya'll have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!!! ( I have to tell ya'll early due to me being out of town all next week :)


So sorry to hear that Deb has been sick! I was going to email her tonight if there wasn't a post today. Thanks for letting us know so we can be praying for a speedy, complete recovery. Lots of love and prayers to you, Deb! :-)


Deb is loved, missed and being prayed for. I do so hope she can get a good, solid night's rest tonight.

Love and hugs -- ((Deb)),

Ken Pierpont

More prayer from here in Illinois. God bless you for your good work here.

Tammy S

Praying for a speedy recovery!


Prayers for Deb!

I know you are all taking wonderful care of her! Spoil her a little bit, OK?


Oh, I am late reading this. I pray you are feeling better Deb!

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