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Wednesday, February 14, 2007



I am almost in shock that you used to buy muffins.That would be us!!

They look yummy.Enjoy.


Those look wonderful!

have a happy valentines day!


Those look absolutely gorgeous! I've never tried making English muffins before, but your pictures certainly inspire.


I can't wait to try that recipe!! : ) Thanks for the pictures of those delectible muffins. Thinking of you all,

Rebecca for the Clan

Barbara R.

These look yummy! I've been looking for a recipe for homemade English muffins! Thank you!


Hannah, They look so delicious and perfect! I would LOVE to enjoy a warm one right now with butter and jam. :-) I will probably give this recipe a try, but make a smaller batch. Thanks for the inspiration!


Mrs. C--Haha. :) As much as we like to make many things at home, there are a few items we do pick up at the store. ;)

Randi and Jodi, yes, I'm so glad they actually turned out looking like "real" English muffins!

Rebecca, let me know how yours turn out whenever you try them!

Barbara R, you're welcome for the recipe! Hope they will be what you were looking for. Sue Gregg also has another similar recipe for the muffins that aren't sourdough.

Mrs. H, they did turn out delicious. If you try them, one hint I would give is to roll out the whole piece of dough, then cut them out, rather then rolling each piece separately as the recipe suggests. I guess it says that so that the cornmeal won't become incorporated into the dough when you gather up the scraps, but I didn't have a problem with that, and it seemed a quicker way to do it.

Ruth Parkinson

My parents had brought english muffins this morning with mushrooms and bacon. We are English and live in england so quite approate. I was american and had a bagal that had been in the freezer too long. Your muffins looked lovely.

Ruth Parkinson

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