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Thursday, March 01, 2007



Sarah, your quilt is absolutely beautiful! My girls were around the computer when I was looking at it, and there were lots of "oohs" and "ahs". You are so talented!


How nice to have a friend that shares your name.Quilt is gorgeous.


Seeing your quilt spread out like that is inspiring. It looks so lovely. Sarah's idea of matching pillow shams is a very good one.


Yes, I love to visit with special friends! ;) Your quilt is just beautiful, you have been busy!!


Sarah, the quilt is just beautiful! Did you learn to do all that from the book? I may have to buy that book for my Sarah and me! Glad you were able to enjoy time with your friend. I sure do miss that since moving!


It was fun and special wasn't it?! We'll have to make sure we don't wait so long before we do it again! (:

Barbara R.


Connie McEntire

Beautiful quilt and a beautiful friend. Friends are very special, we could not live without them in our lives. Connie from Texas


What a beautiful quilt! And what a lot of faithful work has gone into making it!

Just today I was in an organizing mood and went through my "fabric pantry" in my closet--it's all organized again for sewing projects. My fall back position is to sew garments, but I would like to branch out and try quilting. : )

In Christ,


Lovely quilt, Sarah! I like sampler quilts. I made one quite a number of years ago and used it on my bed until it had faded and torn some and no longer looked nice. Are you quilting or tie-knotting your quit?


Um, that last word ^ is supposed to be 'quilt.' :-)

Kristi Morrow

Wow, that is a beautiful quilt. You've done a fantastic job on it.



Thanks for all the comments everyone! I appreciate the compliments on my quilt - it has been a fun project. :)

Mrs. H., yes, everything you have to do is taught in the book. It really had clear explanations and was easy to follow. :) But they do only give directions for hand quilting...nothing about doing it by machine. I suppose it's about the same though. They had me attach temporary borders (the light blue around the edges) to make it easier to hold the cloth in a hoop - if I end up machine quilting I didn't need to sew those on. Oh well.

Sarah, yes, we definitely have to get together again soon. Why did we put it off so long anyway???

Welcome to our blog Mrs. McEntire and thanks for commenting! :)

Rebecca, you should definitely try quilting. This is my first one, and I've really enjoyed it. A lot of the blocks weren't as hard to do as I thought!

Karen - I'll be quilting it. I'm just hoping that it won't pucker or anything while I do that. :) I'm new at all of this...

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