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Saturday, March 17, 2007



Oh Sarah - how cute! Happy St. Patrick's Day to you to! :o)


Happy St.Patrick's Day!!

Cookies look great.


Happy St. Patty's Day! That looks so cute and yummy! :-) There are parades today and one celebrate the holiday!


Well, supper is over, and the cake is now cut. :( It's ruined! *sob*

It's been a great St. Patrick's Day otherwise though! Everyone but Jonathan wore green today...tsk tsk to him. :)

Connie McEntire

Those cookies look great and that looks like one happy Irish Man. So cute. connie from Texas


How cute and the little Irish guy is so creative...


Sarah, you are so talented and creative! Your family is soooo blessed to have you:)
Happy St. Pat's Day!


Aww, thank you Mrs. T. and everyone else who commented!
I just updated my post with another picture and a little explanation. :)


Now who ever saw a snowman in a green vest and hat??

Aunt Bet

Thanks for the explanation, Sarah! You're pretty creative, including your version of the snowman/leprachaun!

Aunt Bet

Oops. I mean leprechaun! Don't have too many occasions to spell leprechaun. I need more practice. :)

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