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Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Tammy S.

Maybe it's because I answer questions in quizzes such as these with the answers I would like to answer, instead of the truth...I dont' know...but these type of quizzes never end up being accurate for me! =) I tried though...=)


I did it. Guess what I got?


Okay, Deb, I did the test. My dominant intelligence was Linguistic Intelligence. My eldest son said the entire description of me was so dead on, it was spooky. So he and my oldest daughter had to take the test. Brian was Bodily-Kinesthetic (true, true!) and Brittany was Spatial Intelligence (another one right on target).

I don't put a lot of stock in this type of thing, but they're awfully fun when they work - lol. Maybe deep down we all just want to feel like we're understood! :o)


Like Bet, I'm linguistic. No surprise there, I guess. Like you and Bet, I love those kinds of quizzes. What fun! :)


I actually teach about the differnt kinds of intelligence in one of my classes to future teachers.

I took the test and like Jodi and Rhonda . . . I too am dominant in the Linguistic area.

Gardner, the researcher who "discovered" or "uncovered" or "created" the multiple-intelligence theory has a list of 9 different intelligences . . . and is still looking for more.

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