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Friday, August 17, 2007



I'm sure you do have a lovely B&B already! I for one would sure love to stay there! ;) Love your brochure; that's a unique way to invite people to come and visit.

Tammy S.

Deb, what a cute brochure! I wish that our house were big enough for a guest room, but we do pull out an air mattress for our (infrequent) guests! What hospitality you show! I agree, you would face difficult decisions if you were to run a B&B.


That brochure is so great! I can't wait to come stay at "Here On This Ridge" Bed and Breakfast! Sarah and I will definitely be there in November while the fellas are hunting. Sarah is excited about playing Scrabble with us, Deb. :-) Will let you know as the day gets closer to that time exactly what days we can come, okay? I will look forward to the "dessert" part of the stay...turtle trifle sounds incredible!

Cheryl Serven

So very, very true. What a great blessing to open your home to "traveling saints", those you know and those who have been recomended to you by others you do know. The Lord has allowed us the wonderful opportunity to relax a while at the "Here on the Ridge" B & B. Wonderful companionship, delicious food, encouraging conversations, and delightful walks in the garden!! Our God is good to refresh us with the fellowship of other believers as He allows our paths to cross.

Thanks, Girottis, for being an encouragement to us all as we grow in the graces of practicing hospitality.


My goal while we are living in Wake Forest is to make it to your house.

The brochure is cute.


You certainly DO have the best kind of bed & breakfast! So much better than any "professional" B&B we've stayed in. The food, accommodations, and proprietors can't be beat!

I've romanticized the position of breakfast hostess in hotels with continental or full breakfasts. I wished I could be the one to greet and serve patrons at the breakfast buffet. Then one morning it dawned on me that that's exactly what I am to my own family each morning as Keith and the children prepare to whisk away to work and college classes. I love fixing their breakfast, preparing their lunches, and sending them out the door with a kiss and hug. No hotel could offer such a job with eternal compensation. What a blessing to have family and the body of Christ for meaningful service in Christ's kingdom!

Come to our B&B when you're visiting the midwest!

Jenny H

Hmmm, stuffed French Toast? I've never heard of this before, but it sounds to find recipes.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

My husband and I love Gatlinburg. We always stay in a cabin with a fireplace, hot tub on the balcony, and a view of the mountains.
I love how your friend explained your home and hospitality as a B&B. That's lovely.


Deb, we have wanted to stay at the Brierely B&B for years! Was it wonderful? Do you remember which room you stayed in? Jay and I would probably pick that red room! He likes to stay in rooms that are so different from our usual settings at home.

Leslie Wagner

Oh Deb! I thought I would love to have a B&B too. I agree with your thoughts regarding the cleaning of the bathrooms too. I also pondered through some of those puzzling thoughts regarding unusual circumstances with potential B&B guests.
I can assure your friends who read your blog that your house is the best kind of B&B and it is truly full of hospitality!


What a lovely idea....the brochure you made and sent out!! And I agree with Leslie...who wouldn't want to stay in your home?

Courtney, Jer.33:3

I remember getting one of those brochures!! :) You are so right about the cons you mentioned about having a bed and breakfast. Most people would be too caught up in the glammor of the idea to think of the things that reality would bring us.

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