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Friday, August 24, 2007


Tammy S.

After combing through your archives, looking for good pictures of your eyes, I'm going to give it a stab! =)

1. Sarah
2. Deb
3. Jonathan
4. Tom
5. Hannah


Without looking back at pictures,trying to guess I say the same as Tammy S.

The picture is kinda scary to look at for very long!!


The boys and I made the same list as Tammy S. (before we saw her list). Hope we're right!! :o)

Alli and Julie

I'm not sure. The only ones we are positive about are Deb and Tom. Let us know!

Aunt Bet

Sarah, you really know how to test us! You and Jonathan are cheating 'cause you don't have your glasses on! Hard to figure you two out!! I think that's Jonnie at the top, followed by Deb, then Sarah, Tom and finally Hannah. Jonathan and Sarah are the really tough ones. But you meant for it to be that way, didn't you?? :)

The Wagner Bunch

After careful study and a lot of smiles, we conclude the following:
1. Sarah
2. Deb/Mrs. Girotti
3. Hannah
4. Tom/Mr. Girotti
5. Jonathan

Elementary my dear Watson! Well, how did we do?


LOL, this is hilarious. But I'm going to try here...
1. Sarah
2. Deb
3. Hannah
4. Mr. Giroti
5. Jonathan


Tammy S.

Three out of five isn't too bad! =)


Ha! I got them right. I saw the post last evening but didn't have time to post my guesses. Then when I checked this evening you had the answers and I was right. The only one's I weren't sure about were Jonathan and Sarah and I even had them right. (:

Susan Ramey Cleveland

I won't try to guess. But I love the pictures. What a great idea for your E entry.

Courtney, Jer.33:3

WHAT a post!!! I'm sorry that I missed out on the guessing, but I must say that I knew Hannah's the moment I scrolled down and saw them. I said to myself, "Self, you may have been in doubt concerning the previous 4 sets, but those eyes are definitely Hannah's!!"

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