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Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Aunt Bet

Hannah, the garden is literally breathtaking! And your photos--gorgeous!! What a bountiful harvest you are reaping from all your hard work. Can't wait to sample some. :)


Ahhh, Hannah it is just beautiful. The beauty in your garden is a delight to look at. THe way you posted the pics is lovely as well! I am always inspired and refreshed when I read one of your family's post and see all the pictures.

That green bean gadget is something I have never seen! Looks like it would be fun to try. I bet the beans were delicious!


Hannah! What a beautiful garden. You have done a wonderful job with the layout and it has just done lovely! How exciting to see how God works thru the growing of veg. plants and flowers. You certianly have been blessed with a green thumb!~Julie


Wow, your garden is so big. I have two, but since we live in the city and have a small yard the two don't add up to that. My tomatoes are just starting to ripen also.


I think I smelled some of the food through the computer!!All looks yummy.The garden is beautiful-Good job.


I second Aunt Bet's comment - simply breathtaking!! Well done! Beautiful! :)

I wish I had been blessed with a green thumb like you - I was lucky to come away with two tomatoes and a cucumber last time I had a (tiny) garden. That's all that survived. lol. I'll try again when we have a yard. ;)


I third Aunt Bet's comment...just beautiful! :-) Your pictures are so nice! Fresh produce is such a delight to have. I'm sure your family is very grateful for all your hard work and diligence. I would LOVE to be able to visit and sample your garden's harvest! Are you going to can your purple hull peas? My Dad does them almost every year, and his are so delicious...a real treat! Thanks for the tour around your garden.


Thank you, everyone, for all your seconds, thirds, and other kind commments! :) I planted, Mom helps a lot with watering, but it is certainly the Lord who causes the growth. I love to watch it all, and it was very hard to decide which pics to post. :)

Mrs. H, I'm actually planning on freezing the peas, as we don't have a pressure canner. Yes, do come for a visit sometime.


Wow, what an awesome garden with such fine looking produce and flowers! The pictures are very nicely done as well. :-)

Yes, SKA stands for Sarah, Karen, and Abigail. :-)


Hannah, You're a true artist. Your garden is not only gorgeous, but you know just how to capture its photographic beauty. Thanks for sharing "the work of your hands." (Psalm 90:16,17)


Thanks, Abigail and Mrs. Hayden. It's interesting to see the changes in our garden from year to year, so that's one reason I like to take pictures of it to look back on. Digital cameras are great and give me more incentive to practice!

We're thanking the Lord for the pouring rain we had last night--everything was so dry and definitely needed the moisture.


That is amazing! I have just started on my own little garden, and I'd love to have one just like yours someday :). Dave really wants me to grow food, as it is a good use of the bit of earth God has given us!


I know this post is a couple of years old now but I can't help but comment. Your garden is amazing and I want to congratulate you on a job well done. It's moving into autumn and then winter here so I can't really spend too much time in the garden but inspired by the post I will definitely try :)

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