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Tuesday, August 07, 2007



We will pray that you are on the road to full healing! Hope to see you all again soon!


Awww...that is just not good! Hope you will be on the mend soon.


Oh, Deb. I am so sorry about your foot. I hope you had a good lunch. Ah, Waynesboro my birth place.

Brenda@Coffee Tea Books and Me


I do hope you are feeling better soon and there is nothing worse than a slight sprain.

On the other hand, let the loved ones wait on you for awhile. You deserve it. Not that you would want to make a habit of such things. :)


Oh, Deb!!! I'm so sorry you're hurt! I'll be praying for your complete healing. Sit tight - give it a chance to begin healing before you get back up!


Hey, not that I'm doubting your story or anything...BUT that picture on your blog is a RIGHT ankle, not a LEFT ankle. But let's assume for a moment that the picture is in fact your ankle.
Why are the 2nd and 3rd toesies so much larger than the 4th and 5th?
Inquiring minds want to know!


So sorry, Deb, about your fall! You are doing the right things and need to keep doing them for days. Did you still go to lunch?! I'll be praying for your ankle to heal completely and quickly! Love ya! Dorothy


ROFLOL!!! Well, Fred, if laughter is the best medicine like they say, then I should be well in no time!! In fact, I can't STOP laughing!!! You are crazy! LOL!

Thank you all for your well wishes and prayers. I'm still elevated this morning, but I think it's a little less painful. Now all I have to do is re-read Fred's comment above throughout the day, and I'll be up and at'em before I know it!!


Take care and get well soon!!

Funny how you should mention anniversarys,I looked at Chris'work calender last night and said how the Boy Scout camporee starts on Friday,October 12.We met on October 12 and the year we met,1984 it was on a Friday.So this year makes the day more special to remember.


Mr. O, we're assuming that the 2nd and 3rd toe ligaments were hyperextended when my mom fell. We've also noticed that blood circulation to the foot was cut off somehow, hence the rather pasty grayish hue.


Oh, dearest Deb ~ between the irony of falling on your way out to the Been-thru-a-lot Anniversary Lunch and quoting the scripture "The steps of a good man ... and though he fall.." I was already chuckling before I even got to Fred's comment.

Wasn't it on you way *back* from lunch with Tom that you fell this past winter? Clearly that man does indeed sweep you off your feet! ;o) [My husband has weakened ankles from high school football and has a knack for finding any and every hole in the yard thus turning his ankles often! Bless his heart ... and yours too!]

Take care dear friend; I hope it is nothing worse than what the lovely dose of home remedy and tlc you are receiving cures.


Oh, what a painful ordeal, Deb! Glad you're still able to keep a good sense of humor and enjoy your husband and children's service to you. (I believe fresh blackberry cobbler is chocked full of healing agents--so yummy too!) I've been praying for you.

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