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Saturday, September 15, 2007



LOL I'd gladly take some. I had some Amish friendship bread at a friend's house for the first time, and it was really good. She was going to give me some starter, but she forgot to. I have been thinking of starting my own starter. =)

Aunt Bet

I've heard of some people who just throw away the cup or whatever the amount is whenever they are unable or unwilling to do more baking.

I'd like to be at your house to sample some of those muffins. Maybe I can get some starter when I come see you at Christmas--or you can bring me some when you come visit me. Hint, hint. :)


I can smell all the way at my house!!

I had to laugh about Jonathan bringing the muffins to work and how fast they were eaten.I sometimes bake cookies for the Boy Scout troop, if I don't save some out for Gregory and his dad before they share them with everyone they never get any.

Enjoy the church fellowship tommorow.

Wagner Muffin Munchers!

4 Wagner muffin munchers to the rescue tomorrow!

Jenny H

They sound sooo good! Now I'm feeling the urge to go bake.


Thanks for the comments everybody!

Aunt Bet, I've also heard of people throwing out the extra...but in this case, that would be 3 whole cups. It just seems like a waste to throw it all out. ;) What I did this last time was cut in half the final "feeding" of the starter...less leftovers this time.


Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! I love muffins! Wait a sec, did I mention, "Mmmmmm"?? :0) They look delish!

Susan Ramey Cleveland

The muffins look so tasty. I once got into the sourdough bread trap. Had starter everywhere. I finally threw it all away. Felt guilty about it for weeks, but I've never done that again.

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