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Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Aunt Bet

I haven't tried a puzzle in a while, Sarah, but I used to love doing them. Now I'd have to be careful never to drop a piece on the floor with Barney around! He'd EAT it for sure. :)

I occasionally do the daily puzzle at It's quick fun!


We used to put together a lot of puzzles, but we don't do it much anymore. We did have a lot of fun doing them--and would now too I'm sure if we got some out and put them together! :-)

Jenny H

Rob and I have been married for almost 7 years now, and we've never done a puzzle. That baffles me. We're going to have to go pick up a few to put together when it starts to get cold. Thanks for posting about puzzles! What a great idea.


I have never been a puzzle person!!


Sarah ~ our family enjoys puzzles a lot! Our local thrift shop sells them 10/$1 and we stock up. My Mom (69 years young)still does puzzles in bed every night (puts a big board on her lap), and my sister-in-law also loves puzzles. I do puzzles at church with some other adults while our children are playing soccer in the gym. I think you find more puzzlers the farther north you go ~ it's a cold weather thing!

Susan Ramey Cleveland

I love puzzles too. Last winter I did a bunch of them. Haven't done one since.

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