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Monday, October 22, 2007





I love it when you talk about your family vacations!!You do well in the decriptions and the photos have been fun to look at.

Prize: First choice-#2
Second Choice#4

Thanks for having a give away.



I love to read all of your entries! I must say that my favorite was the recent one on your nicknames! I also liked the guessing of the eyes.

1st choice: #4
2nd choice: #3


Congratulations! Your blog has been an enjoyable part of my day! I enjoy hearing about every-day life and, of course, the gardening, cooking & crafting! My choices would be: 1st choice-#3, 2nd choice-#2.
Thanks to all! Love, Dorothy

Anna Wagner

I enjoyed the posts of your eyes and the alphabet letter posts.
My choice is #3.
My second choice is #2.


What a wonderful giveaway! Now for the hard part ~ I enjoy seeing the pictures of anything you've all made such as dishes, quilts, garden, Jonathon's video, etc. You are my favorite blog to read. We would enjoy any of your giveaways, but if we win the first one, I will give you the address of one of our elderly friends from church to bless (we're the weird food allergy family). Thanks again!

Courtney, Jer.33:3

Congrats on your 1,000th post!!
I like it when you blog about unique family happenings!! Also, some of your A-Z posts have been really cute!!
IF I win, my first choice would be the CHOCOLATE!!!!!! Second choice would be the music CD.


My favorite posts are your craft posts - I love to see what y'all are making!

My first choice would be package #4, and my second would be #2.

God bless you all - you're one of my favorite blogs, and among the first to read each day!


I like reading all your posts, but I would have to say my favorites are those relating to recipes, quilting and crafting, and your travels. It's a blessing to read about all the things that you and your family are doing from day to day as yous serve the Lord together.
My 1st choice for the contest is #4
My second choice is #3


I love your posts too - especially the homey ones with recipes, gardening, quilting and family visiting. It feels like stopping in for tea and getting the news :)

I'd love love love to win Giveaway #4 because I never even heard of Gooseberry Patch until I read your blog and I loved looking through their products on the website. We don't have it up here in Canada.

Is it unspiritual to cross your fingers??



My favorite blogs are the audience paticipatory ones...guessing the eyes, how well we know you game, etc... And of course the quilting/sewing blogs!

First & second choice: 3 or 4

If I didn't have gestational diabetes my first choice would have been Sarah's :o)!!

I really enjoy reading your blog and hope you keep blogging for many years to come!


Congratulations on reaching your 1000th post! I didn't realize what I was starting when I gave you the "gift of blog" a few Christmases ago!! I guess we could say you've taken to blogging. :)

I won't deprive these other folks from the chance to win your great gifts, but I wanted to wish you well on reaching this amazing milestone at Mountain Musings.

Mary Isabella

I simply enjoy reading your post but do like the crafts and book reviews. My choices would be 1 and then 3. LOL Mary


I love it when you write about your garden, and about your trips away. I also like it when Tom posts more "theologically orientated" posts, including those about church. Thanks for answering my questions, by the way!

I am really hoping to win one of these gifts! I'd love to receive a "real" parcel from my Mountain Musings friends!

My first choice is Hannah's parcel: #3!

My second is #2!

I'm looking forward to the draw!


I love when you talk about where you live of course! It brings back lovely memories of my childhood growing up in that area.


Congrats on your 1000th post! I'm just glad I'm finally able to read your blog again now that I'm back on my feet, so to speak, after the birth of our son.

I enjoy reading your posts about the recipes you've made and the craft & gardening projects you've undertaken.

My 1st choice is #3; 2nd choice is #1. :)

Again, congrats & keep posting!

Karla Dornacher

Hi Deb... just dropped by to say hello and say thanks for all the wonderful comments you leave on my blog... and Michelle's... you are a blessing!

Congrats on your 1000th post... being the arts and crafts person I am... those are the ones I enjoy the most... but love just seeing and hearing about how God works in and through your life!

Bless you!


Congratulations on your 1,000th post!
My favorite posts would be about your family vacations. You always post such beautiful pictures! My choices are
1st choice #4
2nd choice #1

Julie and Alli

We love all of the posts where guessing is involved. Also all gardening and cooking posts are enjoyed.

1st choice #4
2nd choice#2


I enjoy all your adventures and how creative you and your family are. I like the simplicity and the God in everything.

Congratulations on your 1000th post! I can't imagine since I'm at a mere 120!

1st choice #2
2nd choice #1


Hi Deb, I would love to be entered!

My first choice is #4
My 2nd choice is #3

Thanks so much and congrats on 1000 posts!

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Oh my, I love all your posts, but I guess I especially like to hear about all the pets and about what you and your family are making.
I just can't choose among your giveaways. I just can't. If I should be lucky enough to win, you choose one for me.
Congratulations on your 1000th post, Deb. That's quite an accomplishment. Love to you and your family.

Hannah Cowen

Congrats on your 1000th post:) That is amazing! New to your blog but would love to be entered. First choice: #1
Second choice #2
Thanks and congrats again,
Hannah Cowen


Congrats on reaching 1000 posts! You all are some of the most faithful bloggers I know.

I love to read your blog, it has such a nice homey feel to it. :-) I enjoy all of it, but I really like reading about your travels, the cooking and canning you do, and your gardening and crafting.

My first choice for the giveaway is #1 and my second choice is #3.


Just stopped by and found you're due congratulations!! I'm a newer reader and I've enjoyed all the posts I've read. You feel like friends!
My first choice would be #4--we love the Gooseberry Patch and my second choice would be #2. Thanks!


Congratulations! :) I'm kind of a "newer" reader, but I really enjoyed the posts from your vacation. I love pictures!

My choices would be #1 and #3! :)



Well, I have to say that I enjoy pretty much all of it. I like reading about your personal stories, your crafts, your vacations, recipes, etc. LOL And I'm like a kid when it comes to pictures. lol

If I were to win the giveaway, I would like to have all four. However, since the giveaway only allows for one, I'll have to choose only one. LOL Each giveaway is great. They are all fantastic prizes. But the items in #4 are things I would probably pick out for myself. LOL So...#4 is my choice.

Looking forward to seeing the outcome!



Hey Deb and all the Girotti Family, CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You all have done a fantastic job at blogging. I have enjoyed all of it, from the everyday news to the crafting/gardening/cooking to the encouraging posts about our Lord. Each of you give a sweet touch to the blog through your gifts and personality that seems to come out in your writings, love it!! I haven't commented recently but we as a family have been reading, life is moving at a breakneck speed here. Keep up the good work, you all are a breath of fresh air in the cyber community!!!
OH, I almost forgot, the give away.... That's hard....How about first choice #3, second choice #4 and third choice #2 and last but not least #1...(I am trying to cut the sugar consumption in our home...:) but I do LOVE your cooking!!! I fix one of your recipes almost every week, and the kids remind me of "Girotti stories" when we eat! :)


Wow, that's a lot of posts in a relatively short amount of time! My favorite thing to read about? Hmm...I think it would be reading about the recipes you try and seeing pictures of what you are doing, etc.

My first choice: #3
second choice: #4

Thank you for such a fun 1,000th post! :-)


What fun! I love contests!! I enjoyed the posts on the Creation Museum!

My choices would be #4 and #3. :)


Kelly in Alaska

Congratulations on reaching 1000 posts! I really enjoy all your posts. I really couldn't choose between the giveaways either, they all look equally wonderful!
We are enjoying having Jacob back home now. What a wonderful adventure he had this summer. Thanks again for your kindness to him.

Penny Oakes

Well, since I am new to reading your blog...I don't know what my favorite postings are yet. I love to paint, decorate and turn trash to if you have any ideas or have worked on any projects yourself I would love to hear about it! My first choice in the giveaways is #4 and my second choice is #3. This is fun...thanks for inviting me to participate!!

Love ~ Penny


I just love to come to your site! It's refreshing and your family seems so calm. I enjoy reading about what projects you and your girls are working on. I feel like I'm right at home with you. I love the VA mountains, so I was glad to find a "mountain blogger" that is like minded. My first choice in the giveaways is #3 and my second is #3.


Congratulations on your 1000th post! That's very impressive. I'm on my 32nd... ;)

I really enjoy the posts written by Hannah and Sarah about gardening, cooking, quilting, etc.

For the giveaways, I am torn between #1 and #3!

I'm looking forward to see you all next Saturday!

Ben Wagner

My favorite posts are your letters of the alphabet!
I'd pick #2 or #3.
I wish, however, that there was a book of quotes from Mrs. Girotti!

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