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Thursday, October 25, 2007



We vacation at the end of summer when local schools have resumed for the new year. Usually the last week of August or the first couple of weeks of September.

We have done both full of activity vacations and do-nothing vacations. I think it depends on the kind of year we've had. If it's been very stressful, we find a place where we do NOTHING! But if it's been fairly calm, we do lots of activities. It really depends on the stress levels. LOL



Our favorite "time away" times are our trips to state parks and their inns. We have one only a few hours away from us that we consider a family favorite-beautiful inn and lots of trails to hike. We also enjoy the quaint little town nearby with their crafty shops. We usually pick times that are off season which means sometimes we have the inn almost to ourselves! Yes, Sarah that includes the pool. :)


We like more relaxed vacations - read by that brook that runs by the cabin! Our absolute favorite vacations have been to a secluded cabin in southwest CO, where there is no TV, radio, or cellphone reception, with a little lake on top of the mountain to go fishing. I do like to look in antique shops, but in a leisurely way, not too busy.

Favorite time to go? Whenever we can get the time and money to do it! No set time.


We like to vacation in the spring before school lets out. So things aren't over crowded, prices are cheaper, weather is cooler. It usually works wonderfully, but occassionally things aren't open for the season yet until after Memorial Day.

We like to be able to go on outings for the day, see things/do things for MOST days and then also squeeze in a few days of nothingness.

God Bless


We sometimes have had vacations around family events-wedding,reunions,holidays, and 50th anniversary gathering.We are like you and visit many places.This past year we went on vacation in July-still cooler then August in South Carolina!!

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