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    "And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and will take you to myself, that where I am there you may be also."

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007



I won't be at the conference but close by!!Looks like you will be getting some good teaching/learning for your home church.

Tom will be amazed to see all of the construction done at the seminary and just since May 4 new restaurants have opened in Wake Forest.

Weather for Friday and Saturday is be in the 50's.


Hmm ~ sounds like laundry time! ;o) I'm looking forward to hearing all about the conference when you get home again.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Glad you made it home all safe and sound.


I know, while fun to travel, it is great to come home again. :-) I hope you put up photos from your Thanksgiving trip, including your visit to our home.*hint, hint* :-) We had such a good time with y'all!

May you have a blessed and encouraging time at the "Uniting Church and Family" conference!


Thanks so much for stopping in to see us on your way home! It was a lot of fun! :-)

Hope you have a good time at the "Uniting Church and Family" conference!

The Trents

Oh my, what a busy holiday season! We would love to go to the conference, but sadly can't make it. I hope you are blessed by the teaching and fellowship there. Let us know what you all learn.
Blessings, Julie


After reading over the link, it sounds like it will be such an encouraging weekend for you all! I'm already praying for safety as you travel and a great experience there. Looking forward to hearing about your Thanksgiving trip!

Nathan W.

I presume you are taking an eastern route to Wake Forest, but you all are more than welcome to take a western route down route 220 south of Roanoke and stop by to see Bowen Family Farm.



I hope y'all have a wonderful time!! We loved going to a similar Uniting Church and Family conference in Wake Forest several years ago. I really wanted to go this year too, but obviously with the cows to milk that's not possible! I look forward to reading about your weekend!

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