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Thursday, December 06, 2007



I have driven by this store and have thought,Deb would like this place.Glad that you got to go shopping there.


I didn't hear that you'd gotten some Cotton Classic back on your anniversary trip. What colors did you pick? I wish I'd known you found some on sale--I would have asked you to get me some! Was it a good sale? Are you going to do mitered squares? Fun!

Susan Ramey Cleveland

A yarn shop AND a fabric shop? God is good, isn't he?


The sights and smells of a fabric and yarn shop helps to refresh!! I've been crocheting little preemie and newborn hats to give to our pregnancy help center. So sweet!! Have fun knitting!


Oh Deb, what fun! I have never been in a quilt shop with so many quilts hanging up. Yes, knitting and crocheting are "in" right now. Our family jokes about Ruthie's "fan club" at church. They all want to crochet like Ruthie. I bought her knitting needles for Christmas ~ can hardly wait to teach her! Thanks for sharing your trip with us.


Wow, Deb! That looks like a great shop to spend some time in! My Sarah would love it! She finished sweaters for each of her grandmothers, and they loved them! She's now working on Christmas gifts. I'm ready to try to knit that dishcloth...could you remind where to get the instructions and type of yarn needed? Thanks so much! Do you still have snow?! I'm sooooooooooo jealous as it is 75 and sunny here AGAIN today! We miss cold weather! Miss ya!


LOL ~ I've made a few "somethings" in my time! ;o) What a lovely treat to find a yarn *and* quilting shop. Isn't it wonderful how God blesses us in the little things?

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