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Friday, January 04, 2008



It is beautifully made! I'm so sure your hostess will love it! My ripple washcloth has some mistakes in it...Sarah looked it over for me today. Oh well, it will still wash well even if the ripples are askew. :-) Hope you have a lovely evening with your friends.


That is beautiful! Is the pattern linkable? :-D


It's beautiful, Deb, and Hannah's muffins sound delicious!


What a great idea for a hostess gift! It is very pretty too! You did a great job. :)


I really like the look of that dish cloth. You do such lovely work!


The dish cloth is just beautiful!! I love how big and soft it is. It was so good to sit around our table and fellowship with your family. Thank you for your warm friendship. Hannah - the muffins were delicious and so perfect for this morning. Ethan was up much of the night and your muffins made the morning a breeze - no cooking for mom!! You have really blessed my day - thank you. Thank you for the recipe too - it looks like I need to learn how to make Hannahs delicious muffins next. Have a blessed day!!


Thank you everyone for the comments!

To answer a questions: over on our sidebar categories under's the link to the Waffle Knit dishcloth. Scroll down to the bottom of the post and the Waffle Knit is #4. [Thanks to Deb over at Homespun Living blog for the original pattern.]

Susan Ramey Cleveland

The washcloth is lovely. The muffins sound scrumptious, but I don't think I'll try the recipe today. I've eaten far too much sweets during the holiday. Need to lay off for a while.

Susan P.

I just love the knitted washcloths and I'm sure your hostess will, too! My daughter-in-love is learning to knit and wanted to make one of these so I'm sending her over to look at yours:o) I was so sorry to hear about the illnesses in your family but I'm so happy to hear that your family is returning back to good health.


You did a great job Deb! Hannah, I know the muffins were delicious!


I love the colors that you chose. What a wonderful hostess gift. I have made that pattern a couple of times. I will have to try the color combo.

Love, Heather


The dishcloth is very cool. I don't know how to knit, but it sure makes me want to learn. Question: Is this dishcloth used to wash dishes, wipe counters, etc.? I can't imagine how it works since it's made of yarn. Sorry for my ignorance, but I just can't wrap my mind around how it would work...

Thanks for any info you can give.


Thank you everyone for your nice comments!
To answer Cathy's question:

YES, the knitted cloths are used for washing dishes, wiping counters, etc.... and they work well because they are 100% cotton. My sister also gave me one that I use for a face cloth. I LOVE it!!

I knitted several for gifts and wrapped a cake of homemade blackberry soap up with it (I didn't make the soap, but I wish I knew how!!). The type of material of some yarns may be what's throwing you off as far as being able to use it. I've tried one that someone made out of acrylic yarn...and it just wasn't the same and didn't absorb well. If you use cotton, it definitely makes a great dish-washing rag!

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