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Thursday, January 10, 2008



Hi Deb, I LOVE the scarf!! I actually looked at the site for the scarf the other day when you posted and thought "I HAVE to knit one!" :) Not in the near future of coarse! :) Maybe after the wedding. The one you did for Hannah looks so nice and snuggly warm! Maybe when we FINALLY get together we can knit AND talk at the SAME time! LOL :)


LOL ~ I love that you wrapped up your knitting on the needle ... what a hoot! ;o) The scarf is bee-U-ti-ful! Great color.

A very happy birthday to your Hannah. You not only had all your little chickadees close in age, but three of them just bounce month to month on those birthdays. You must have been a *very* busy momma when they were little. [Not that your not busy now - lol.]


A Happy Belated Birthday to Hannah (we've been out of town)!!! The scarf is lovely, Deb - and I think it's cute that you wrapped it with the needle still in! ;)


A pretty scarf.Way too funny about the knitting needle wrapped in with the gift.

We had cold weather last week but now it has been in the 60's and 70's.No need for a scarf here.


You did a great job on Hannah's scarf. You keep it up and you are going to have to hold an online knitting class!!! I would sign up for sure. Did you teach yourself or have classes? I remember something about a class...Alli and I would be willing to drive to take yours when your ready to teach :)


Mmm mm - those recipes sound yummy! I love Taste of Home.

You are an inspiration with your lovely scarf - I'm working away on mine. Thanks for the encouragement!


What a beautiful scarf! I hope she enjoys it. May it bless her and keep her warm.


A Happy Birthday to Hannah!! I love to make things for my children, but like you, I sometimes find that I run out of time. :-)
Beautiful scarf!

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